How To Protect Your Space

How To Protect Your Space, a tag line we see on YouTube, Instagram, and now HERE. While to some this may seem like a cliché; the conversation of How To Protect Your Space will never get old because this is a topic that is to be had with many generations to come. As I have talk about before in Why Everyone Should Unplug  and Art Of Detachment we live in a society that feels entitled to every piece of a person. Because of this it is essential to Protect Your Space and Peace. However, when the great sages of social media say this what the hell are they talking about?! Well truly this looks different for everybody.

Starting with the most important question why is it important to protect your space. To protect your space is to protect your mental health. When we get in the business of protecting our mental health we begin to understand the importance of setting boundaries. And as we begin to set boundaries we in turn are able to protect our energy. Mental Health is the holistic action of protecting your space and energy we honestly can’t have one without the other it is a strategic act. Protecting Your Space is the action of:

            • Removing people out of your life that drains your energy
            • Removing bad habits
            • Removing things from your social media that trigger you
            • Saying “NO”
            • Keeping personal; personal

While this may look good and ideal; it is hard work. This may be easier said than done because this all takes a conscious effort. Often times when we desire to make a positive change in our lives we fear that we may be seen as an hypocrite. While others fear we may begin to judge them; we fear that we may be judged or ridiculed. One of the most important things to remember is DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. We have given ourselves permission to protect our space and energy. Therefore the permission and validation of those around is not needed. When we are made to feel guilty it has nothing to do with us and more so do to with the other person; as they are projecting their feelings up us. Of course this may trigger us. Some may call these moments test; test of you will power/self control. These can also be a sign that this may be something that needs to be removed from your life. The discernment is in your hands. However, knowing what triggers you is a great way to learn what protecting your space may consist of for you. This may mean working through them, condensing, or removing them if possible. Protecting our space and energy is an on going everyday act that requires us to be present and mindful.

As we are become more mindful we will be more proactive in setting clear boundaries for ourselves and others. Of course, boundaries may look different for everybody and because of this it is key to be stern yet polite and respectful. An effective way to create boundaries to protect your space is by identifying your “YES” and “NO”. I found these useful when taking a workshop at YesYoga Studio when asked to figure out what I could Be A Yes to and what I could Be A No to. When identifying your Yes Zone it is imperative that we come to terms with the fact that this will put something in the No Zone. This does not mean it can not be in the Yes Zone down the line. It simply means that in this moment these set things are the boundaries I am setting for myself presently. No does not mean never, hate, or dismiss it means not right now. Here is an example


Cyan Minimalist T Chart

Your boundaries can be based on things that may be personal, sacred, things that make you uncomfortable, or things to help us break habits. It can also be somethings as simple as placing time limits for being at gathering, on social media, and TV. Honestly it can be a mixture of things for checks and balances. When we set boundaries to protect our space we are protecting mind, body, and spirit. This is a selfish act of self care.

When we are trying to protect out space as mentioned above we are also protecting our energy. The overall goal is to create a clear and sound mental space. We all have triggers and have experienced some form of anxiety in our lifetime. Protecting our space is the management of triggers whether we have the ability to navigate pass them to master them or eradicate them all together us upon us as an individual. However, to full take back our mental health and find what triggers us we must pay attention to what makes us anxious. When doing so we draw attention to how our breathing changes as well as other responses in the body. Each day we have different thoughts that flood our mind being aware of our thought pattern  give us insight on what we obsess about daily; whether it be fears, past encounters, doubts, etc. Protect our space and energy is also about doing the inner healing work and self assessment to sift through our baggage to save us from ourselves. How we treat ourselves on a daily is how we treat others it is a direct mirror into our lives. By practicing the act of being gentle with ourselves and watching the we speak to and about ourselves will slow begin to make a difference in our lives.

Be intentional; this how we protect our space. Be intentional in how you speak to self and to others. This alone is an energy exchange the transaction is upon us. Setting intentions keeps us present and accountable. This is another way to set boundaries for ourselves. Here is an example:

Speak Intentionally, Listen Actively, Observe Objectively.

The intention above is a challenge to be the change we want to see. By speaking intentionally we are able to convey our message in a useful and clear way. Which give us the opportunity to say what we mean and mean what we say. By being an active listener we give the other person the floor to speak. This also create space for us to truly listen to understand instead of listening to respond. Observing from an objective point of view being observing with out an emotional attachment. When we observe objectively we see the bigger picture, this is how we allow ourselves to form a viable opinion. These are mental boundaries that we can check daily by asking, “How did the intention manifest in my day?” “Did I hit this target today?” Intentions are in a way tools to measure growth. The intentions we set for ourselves usher in new habits that pour over into relationships, jobs, etc. Because of this they are great for mental and spiritual health checks. Protecting your space and energy is all about mindset and consistency. We can not expect others to respect our space and boundaries if we do not. The overall goal is fostering and protecting our peace. This is something we must first create with and in ourselves.

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