Why Everyone Should Unplug

Get out and take a ride or even a walk. Once you do so what is something you notice? Everyone including ourselves is consumed by our electronic devices. When having a conversation what is the topic at hand? What is happening on social media and the news. We are heavily plugged in and if we are not careful we will become consumed. In The Art of Detachment I mention the importance of detaching from the outcome of things as well as disconnecting from things that do not serve our highest good. Well, do we know what that really means? Disconnecting from what does not serve us means releasing the things that do not make us a better person; that do not elevate us. One important practice to develop to discover what serves our highest purpose is unplugging. The practice of tuning out to tune in is a powerful way to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. Today we have so much access to other peoples lives that we feel unenriched by our own. Because of these we can either spend hours tuned in to social media or feel the need to constantly feel that void by being around what is happening. In short we feel as though we are missing something or something is missing. On the other hand we are overwhelmed by what is happening in the media. We are engulfed by the scandal, politics, murders, and so much more that we are overwhelmed or even desensitized. In someway, shape, or form we are constantly tuned in to everything and everyone but ourselves.

Unplugging looks a lot like being unapologetic about making time for yourself. Detaching from the world and people around you everyday for a short amount of time does a great deal for us in the long run. Taking the time to unplug from society allows us to recharge. No one can pour from an empty cup and many of us are doing this daily. The idea of recharging ourselves combats burnout one the driving forces behind feeling uninspired, fatigued, and overwhelmed. All of these feelings come up when we pour from an empty cup and affects everything around us like a domino effect. Whether we realize it or not what we see in the media drains us in an emotional and spiritual way. The media has the power to morph our reality and how we perceive things. This is due to the fact that the brain does not know the difference between reality and fiction; we will have the same reactions. We are constantly giving our energy away without enough time to pour back into ourselves. While we see scrolling through social media as a soothing hobby it is quite the opposite. Research has shown that social media is one of many causes of anxiety. We base our self worth on the quantity of likes; causing us to go through the loop hole from hell of comparing ourselves. Social Media has become a gate way for more and more people to become highly self critical. However, that is not the only thing. Outside of become more self critical and anxious, we have become more reactionary. While we can healthy debates about politics, religion, culture, and more we have more access to share and respond to anything. The smallest thing can set us off and at the touch of a finger we can react. Social Media is another way we are giving away our energy. We become anxious when we are waiting for likes and responses to a comment. We become self critical when someone appears to be doing something we are not. We debate even when the topic may not impact us.  Where is the time to recharge and gather ourselves?

Each day does not have to look the same. Recharging ourselves as a routine that looks the same everyday may not work for everyone. However, setting aside time to do something for self that allows us to decompress in a healthy way is a major key. Self-care does not have to be an Instagramable moment this is for self and self alone. It is about what feels good to the soul. Unplugging is a moment to get to know yourself on a deeper level and to hear from The Most High. When we tune out we are tuning in to things that matter to us; our interest, fears, desires, trauma, values, and morals. This is time to give ourselves permission to be selfish and still. And it is very simple.

Ways To Tune Out To Tune In:

  • Turn off your phone for an hour a day.
    •  Some may choose to have a quiet lunch, take a yoga break, or read a book. Others may decide to take that time in the morning or after work. This may look different for everyone and you can change it up daily. We have a habit of checking our phone frequently without a notification and some of us check the phone as soon as we wake up. Taking an hour without our phones will carve out time to get a lot of things done. We can feel that space with something we have been meaning to do for a while or even with family time. This a perfect opportunity to shut the outside people out and bring the focus back to parts of our life we have been neglecting.
  • Turn off all media and news outlets for a week.
    • Sometimes we need a media fast. We consuming a lot of toxic news everyday and we carry that with us throughout the day and often times in our dreams. The news is the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see before we get rest. This alone is emotional baggage packed on top of our personal baggage. It is okay to give ourselves a break to refocus our thoughts without an outside influence.
  • Avoid checking phone when you first wake up.
    • While many of us our phone as our alarm clock perhaps we only use it as an alarm and then start our day. Yes, this is a toughie. However, we may find that we will free up a lot more of our morning time without scrolling through our notifications. For many of us our mornings shape the energy of the whole day. Creating space for a smooth morning will trickle down into other parts of our day enhancing our mood, energy, focus, and productivity
  • Allow your home to be silent for at least 20min a day.
    • Maybe turning off your phone for an hour isn’t a reality do to work. Perhaps taking 20 minutes to embrace silence. Many of us are uncomfortable with silence and that is okay. Maybe start with 5-10 minutes and go from there. This time can be used to meditate, do yoga, pray, read a book, cleaning, etc. Silence introduces to our thoughts and fears.
  • Take a nature walk with phone on do not disturb and notifications off.
    • Nature walks are free and a great opportunity to get back to nature. The Sun recharges the body as well as fresh air and physical touching the earth. In place of binge watching episodes of your favorite perhaps taking a hour of your day to go to a park and soak up to sun. Sometimes it helps to change up the scenery to clear the mind and get inspired or motivated.
  • Yoga for at least 10min (YouTube), Book a Private Session, or Take at least a 45min class
    • Yoga is a physical practices designed to connect the body back to breathe. Practicing yoga reduces stress and anxiety. And you can start in the comfort of your own home. Carving our time for yoga will leave you feeling refreshed and energized to take on the rest of your; or relaxed and at peace ready to settle into the night
  • Meditation for at least 5min a day.
    • Meditation give you a since of well-being. Those who meditate report feeling more relaxed and at peace. Meditation improves memory and focus allowing you to have a more productive day. The art of meditation is great for shifting perspectives and becoming more open minded. Meditation helps send oxygen to the cells within the body rejuvenated us from the inside out.
  • Shower immediately once you arrive home.
    • Take a shower immediately once when get home is a great practice for leaving everything at the door. We give ourselves a moment to cleanse the mind and body of the toxic experiences we may have had that day. Also we do not want to bring anything from the outside into our home. Just as we do not want to track anything in with our outside shoes; we do not want to track anything from our clothes or the emotional and spiritual baggage. This is the perfect opportunity for shower meditation and prayer. We let everything wash away and walk out refreshed.

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  1. Thank you, I’ve been doing this lately and it helps