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  • Meditative Message: BE STILL
    1/9/2023= 17{ 1+7}=8 A cycle has begun. Be still. Be at peace with this present moment. Take time for introspection, self-reflection. Resist the urge […]
  • Heart Chakra
    How is your heart feeling today? Have you every taken the time to tap into what your heart is feeling? We use terms such […]
  • The City of Jewels: The Solar Plexus
    Did you know there’s a city of jewels that dwell within you? The Manipura. The Celiac Plexus. When diving into Chakras it is important […]
  • Sacred Pleasure: The Sacral Chakra
    What Is Your Pleasure Center? Are you familiar with your pleasure center? Our Sacral Chakra is all about expression emotionally, sexually, and creatively. But […]
  • How To Start Your Yoga Practice
    Have you been considering how to start your yoga and meditation practice however you are unsure where or how to start? *LEAN IN A […]
  • Self Care vs. Escapism (Take Responsibility)
    What does your self-care look like? How do you carve out time to recharge and reset when you feel depleted? Have you ever been […]

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