The Master Mind Taju

Poetry has a way of tapping into the minds and hearts of thousands. It tells the stories of triumph and pain turning them in to art. One may even say poetry saves lives; giving people an outlet to channel their pain elsewhere. 


Meet Taju Alim, a Screenwriter/Spoken Word artist from Houston, TX, developed the passion for writing in his high school English Literature Class. Taju and several other students were grouped together to rewrite the play Antigone for a major grade assignment. Potentially facing summer school and desperate for a passing grade, Taju  single-handedly re-wrote the play. The group received an A and Taju discovered his inner love for writing. While furthering his education at Lamar University, Taju became a member of the Zeta Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Communications. He’s written two feature length scripts and has put together several Spoken Word videos. Taju’s work has been featured on local Houston radio stations, Worldstarhiphop, Blavity and Russell Simmons All Def Poetry. Taju Alim’s ultimate goal is to write and direct screenplays that influentially create unity among all races.

Here is one of his most recent pieces, ” Jealousy x Envy x Rage” A  video dedicated to Dominique Thibodeaux a mother off two who was slain by her ex husband.

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Facebook: Taju Alim

IG: Stillholdin_

UNAPOLOGETIC by HonestlyFrank

You’re going to make me go off times 10 in 5.2 seconds.

Keep playing with fire I promise I’ll make your living days an absolute living hell.

You have lost your mind I suggest you GPS it before your destination is somewhere unpleasant.

I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Thug life baby I thought you knew .

Mistakes and regrets I’m unapologetic.

I’m never sorry, but you are.

Keep it moving, and so will I.

Build you a rocket and take off, find the furthest planet and don’t exist.

Darling I swear you won’t be missed, and I never planned to diss, but you just couldn’t handle this.



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Black Faces by Dallas

I see black faces in my dreams

Lying in cold blood

We went from swinging by our necks on trees and our blood dripping on the leaves to bullets ripping through our skin and leaving us breathless in the streets
By police, oops I mean overseers wait no I had it right the first time nah more like the second
Acting without taking a second
They pull the trigger
But, why?
What makes them take the lives of people of color?
Why are we handled more aggressively than our white counterpart?
You see it’s all about associations
The image of a black person is only sensationalized when he or she is committing violent crime or rapping about getting high and having a good time
So the assumption is when they see your black face is that you have the potential to be a threat or a suspect first and a victim second

Acting without taking a second
They pull the trigger

As the smoke from the gun clears
And everyone is in a panicked state
My nightmare continues
Only this time…
I see my black face

IG : @ grind.for.change
Facebook : Dallas Duhon


Cleansed by Honestly Frank

I inhale the smell of the rain as it’s falling from the sky to the ground. Everyone around me is running for shelter, but I need this. I have been dragged through the mud and worse, because I don’t know how to be grounded. I want the rain to wash it all away.

A fella stopped and put an umbrella over me to escort me inside, but I politely declined. He went on to ask what am I doing just standing in the rain? I said my pain is infecting my soul, and the only thing that can cure it is the rain that’s falling here. He lowered his umbrella, and said I will stand here with you then.

Rainbows began to appear as the rain slowed down. I felt the urge to touch the fella next to me. As I reached for him the rain stopped and he was gone, alone I was with my pain washing away in hopes of starting a new day. -HonestlyFrank

IG- @_honestlyfrank


Tic Tac Toe by Buzah X

Tic Tac Toe

How can I have a fair shot when
you’ve had so many more tries?
I draw my circle and you drop four lines.
Or instead of being a six square grid you have twelve.
You tell me this game of chance is fair but the chances of you winning this game are the root of the square.
Trying to ban knotty hair so I will have to chop it.
The Less knots in your pocket the more damage.
With less tries how do we manage?
We see through different eyes but you try to make us live the same lives.
We did not create this game so why would we play the same?
You control the game so much we can’t even use our real names.
You control the game so much you even dictate our lanes.
Routes that have misled us,
Routes that have bled us,
Routes that embed us.
Well to these routes we say no and
we will start a new game of Tic Tac Toe.

Name: Buzah X
Social media: FB Buzah Taharqa
Instagram: @buzah_of_activist

Warrior by Honestly Frank

Drag me through the blood of someone I once loved.

I recollect that I been through this war before.
I battled my way from hell to heaven, and back to hell again.
There was never time to make a mends.
I never really cared to if I have to be open.
I am strong they say, but I continue to look for a savior.
The only savior that I should be waiting on is me.
You will never see me break, because even when I’m down I am standing up straight.
I am a warrior, and I will fight until the battle is won. I take one last look in the mirror before I go to war, and tell myself that I am the one I am fighting for. No need for an army to stand with me, because this battle is intended for an army of one. I am a warrior with my back against brick walls I will conquer the cruel world. I will conquer my setbacks. Here I go standing to be my own warrior. –HonestlyFrank

DO TOO MUCH by Buzah X

We say we’re Black and proud
But not too much
Because being Black and proud means being Black and mad.
Black lives matter!
But not too much
Because even after the dream we stand idly by.
We’re mad about our young being killed and displayed on tv
But not too much
Because people like Zimmerman still roam free.
We say Fuck Donald Trump
But not too much
Because as he continues to spit in our face we remain in place.
We want equality
But not too much
Because we have yet to finish the revolution
We want to put our niggas on
But not too much
Because the hood still needs contribution.
Again Black lives matter
But not to much
Because no retribution
300 yrs ago was a long time
But not too much
Because we still don’t see evolution
After this I hope you have realized the only conclusion………..
Name: Buzah X
Social media: FB Buzah Taharqa
Instagram buzah_of_activist


Dig deep know yourself never second guess yourself.

In the right place in time all things of good will fall together.

Planning is apart of insanity.

How can you plan for a life that’s unpredictable?

You must be insane.

Go a little crazy to find yourself.

Think outside and inside the frame of life.

Own your mistake and develop with grace.

There is no one on earth who can take your place.


Name: Mercedes Frank
Social media: FB Mercedes Frank
Instagram _HonestlyFrank