The Master Mind Taju

Poetry has a way of tapping into the minds and hearts of thousands. It tells the stories of triumph and pain turning them in to art. One may even say poetry saves lives; giving people an outlet to channel their pain elsewhere. 


Meet Taju Alim, a Screenwriter/Spoken Word artist from Houston, TX, developed the passion for writing in his high school English Literature Class. Taju and several other students were grouped together to rewrite the play Antigone for a major grade assignment. Potentially facing summer school and desperate for a passing grade, Taju  single-handedly re-wrote the play. The group received an A and Taju discovered his inner love for writing. While furthering his education at Lamar University, Taju became a member of the Zeta Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Communications. He’s written two feature length scripts and has put together several Spoken Word videos. Taju’s work has been featured on local Houston radio stations, Worldstarhiphop, Blavity and Russell Simmons All Def Poetry. Taju Alim’s ultimate goal is to write and direct screenplays that influentially create unity among all races.

Here is one of his most recent pieces, ” Jealousy x Envy x Rage” A  video dedicated to Dominique Thibodeaux a mother off two who was slain by her ex husband.

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IG: Stillholdin_