Constina’s Boutique & Design

Constina’s Boutique is filled with beautiful authentic clothing and much more. The boutique makes you feel like family the moment you visit with them. Their pricing is very reasonable and there is something that caters to every style you could imagine. I had the opportunity to shop with them at an amazing event and I was in heaven. I love the fact that everything is often an one of a kind piece with the exception of a few things. Therefore it is few far and in between that you will cross paths with someone that has on the exact same outfit as you. As vendors they were so personable and they pulled out all the stops. The owners are such beautiful souls and their shop reflects just that.

Both tops you see featured below have a loose fit that allows for comfortable movement.

You can shop with Constina’s Boutique at:

11333 Fountain Lake Dr; Stafford, Texas 77477

or visit their Facebook and Instagram here

Dressed By: Reggae Bodege and Constina’s Boutique


Dressed By: Constina’s Boutique
Dressed by: Constina’s Boutique

YSF Catering Co.

If you are looking for a good home cooked meal on the go or catering for your next big event look no further Houston. YSF Catering Co. is a Black Owned Business with quality food and customer service. YSF Catering Co. puts their heart and soul into every meal that is prepared. I have had a great experience ordering lunch from this wonderful establishment. The food is exceptional and the service is nothing short of family vibes. You have the option to pick up your food if you stay near or you can have it delivered personally to you home or work place. All forms of payment are accepted and YSF even adjust the order to fit my none pork or beef life style. All in all I support YSF 100% and look forward to ordering even more delicious food.

Immediately after graduating from Lamar University with a B.S. from the Lamar culinary program Zoia Taylor started the business with her partner Jamilah Thompkins. I have had the pleasure of attending college with this beautiful soul and order a meal or 2 myself. YSF Catering Co. will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary December 6th and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping.

For Order Vist Their Facebook Page here.

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I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from Naturotica numerous times and the consistency keeps me coming back for more. All of the products I buy are organic in every sense and I make it a point to order from businesses that are centered around just that. Naturotica and the sister brands Nene Organics and Yoni Poppin are the only brands I trust when it comes to feminine health and hygiene. The products are organic and vegan based; when shipped to you the owner Nerissa Irving provides facts about the products you purchase as well as useful tips. Naturiotica offers products such as: Yoni Steams, Yoni Eggs, PH balancing body wash, PH balancing feminine spray, Waist Beads, Skin care products, and Hair care products (locing products as well), and much more. Ordering the products online is a piece of cake and products take less than a week to arrive at your doorstep. Below I have listed the products I have purchased thus far.  




Traditional Waist Beads ( Click For Full Image)

Menstrual Cup ( Squeeze Drain) 

The menstrual cup I purchased allows you to drain the cup without having to remove the cup itself. The cup is  soft silicone which allows to be manipulated with ease to fit snuggle inside the vagina. The is a slight sensation when you first insert the cup however it subsides after 2 mins or less. I prefer to wear the cup over tampons or passed now because it is more sanitary. It also puts me more at ease and is comfortable to wear. The first day you have to empty frequently to prevent it overflowing however that is not an issue. It helps me stay more mindful during this time. To purchase menstrual cup, see benefits and more (click here)


Feminine Spray

The rose water and lavender blend last majority of the day and smells really refreshing. I also noticed on extremely hot and humid days it prevents excessive sweating as well. You do notice a change in your PH balance.


Yoni Egg ( Drilled)

The yoni egg I ordered is the African Blood Stone Crystal that holds some amazing properties and benefits. When I first used the yoni egg I was very nervous however Nerissa Irving provided me with instructions and her social media outlets carry alot of information. Since using the yoni egg and frequently doing kegels my menstrual cycle is lighter and I experience less harsh cramps sometimes none at all after the first day and a half. As of now my yoni eggs acts as a crystal more than a kegel tool. The drill is in place to add a string in case you would like to add small weights to strength your muscles.  (Click Here) for more information on yoni eggs.




The Master Mind Taju

Poetry has a way of tapping into the minds and hearts of thousands. It tells the stories of triumph and pain turning them in to art. One may even say poetry saves lives; giving people an outlet to channel their pain elsewhere. 


Meet Taju Alim, a Screenwriter/Spoken Word artist from Houston, TX, developed the passion for writing in his high school English Literature Class. Taju and several other students were grouped together to rewrite the play Antigone for a major grade assignment. Potentially facing summer school and desperate for a passing grade, Taju  single-handedly re-wrote the play. The group received an A and Taju discovered his inner love for writing. While furthering his education at Lamar University, Taju became a member of the Zeta Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Communications. He’s written two feature length scripts and has put together several Spoken Word videos. Taju’s work has been featured on local Houston radio stations, Worldstarhiphop, Blavity and Russell Simmons All Def Poetry. Taju Alim’s ultimate goal is to write and direct screenplays that influentially create unity among all races.

Here is one of his most recent pieces, ” Jealousy x Envy x Rage” A  video dedicated to Dominique Thibodeaux a mother off two who was slain by her ex husband.

Click Title For More Spoken Word From Taju.

Facebook: Taju Alim

IG: Stillholdin_

Enigma Project Brand


Have you ever met someone in High School that you knew for sure was unique in every way? I’m sure we all have that one friend or at least know of someone. For me this was Rico Edwards; a skateboarder with dance moves that would make you think you could get out there and cut a rug * or trip over one*. This Louisiana native always had a soul of the arts. Upon conversing with him you knew instantly he wasn’t one for games. He always had his head high and eyes on the prize ready to push himself and take his talents to new heights . So, there is no wonder he would be come a young entrepreneur blending his talents, loves, and creativity. A true leader and trend setter. Thank you for being authentic and giving your gift onto the universe.

“I started hand painting shirts in high school at the end of my freshman year, from shirts I moved onto other products like shoes and hats. Throughout high school I designed and painted my own shirts along with other products, other people liked it to the point that people are asking for custom designs painted on to there shirts as well. In my senior year of high school I was selected to design the class of 2010 graduating shirt, at that point I knew I wanted to continue to pursue design work or something dealing with clothing; I just didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to take.”

“In my second year of college I gave my logo and designs a name, I always drew a little monkey in all of my work since 2006 and to this day I stick with the same monkey design. Thus my brand was born, Enigma Project ™.”

“I didn’t start painting on canvas until 2013 when I took a class at University of Houston, I found it fascinating and relaxing. Now it is 2016 and 99% of my work is focused on racism, history, political, religion, etc etc. I would consider my work and myself revolutionary, ya know? My revolution was awaken by the cries and struggle of my people.”


Website :

Instagram : @ArtistRicoEdwards


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Darrell Designs On The Rise

Darrell Designs was on of the first Black Owned Businesses featured on The Rose Garden and has since then showed no signs of pressing the pause button on his work. Over the past few months Darrell’s Designs has been working diligently to emerge as a force in the design community. Recently the company was published in the 9th edition of “Who’s Who in Black Houston” as a rising entrepreneur. While this is one great achievement, it is just one of many more the company wishes to receive as a positive message that hard work does payoff. We would like to say thank you for coming up with a beautiful concept for the logo and congratulations as you embark on your new journeys throughout life.

Be sure to check out his new website: darrell 

IG: Darrellsdesigns



The Influential Artist

Say Their Names

“Fool me one time shame on you, fool me twice can’t put the blame on you, fool me three times fuck the peace sign load the choppa let in rain on you”

The famous quote from  the rapper J Cole in his hit single No Role Models is what caught my attention of the amazing Artist John Gibson. His art is truly from the heart and speaks volumes; to me his work could be labeled as timeless with the capability to move the masses. Uplifting, inspiring, fearless, and indescribable are just a few ways to explain Mr. Gibson artistic view.

An true ARTIST
John (1)
Photo by Kelon Moore   ( )
“As an artist I can’t exactly pinpoint any one experience, thing, or person that inspired me to do what I do. That’s like separating a part from the whole. I pull as much inspiration from looking to the clouds as I would get from a visit to the museum, or a black owned comic like Brotherman for that matter. But I am reminded of a scholarship essay I wrote in high school. I think the question was “what is your goal in life?” I wasn’t a great writer nor did I get the scholarship, but the gist of my answer was INFLUENCE. Positive influence through my art. I’ve refined that recently to creating positive, relatable images and stories for people of the Afrikan diaspora. Art that pulls back the veil of lies and presents the truth or would be truths.”
Neith 2.jpg
Khemetic Weaving Goddess, Neith
Like Tupac said “I’m not going to change the world, but I want to spark the mind of the person that does.”

I was blessed with the talent to create, so it’d be a waste to not use it to it’s full potential. I’ll leave you with this quote”:

“Positive and Lucrative opportunities consistently manifest themselves to me and through me for the benefit of myself and the benefit of others.”- Zo Williams
Portfolio website:
IG: Jgibson142_art
Tumblr: Jgibson142_art
Facebook: John Gibson V


Photos by GC Studios

Meet THE RENAISSANCE MAN behind “Happy Feet Designs” a Greek letter design concept made by Happy Feet Jones {real name, Quincy Wheaton}. Happy Feet is from Houston, Texas and is currently a senior studying  Mass Communication at the HBCU Grambling State University. With a concentration in broadcasting, Happy Feet is more than just an artist, but an emcee of different events, a musician, a singer, as well as a dancer (hence the name, Happy Feet). Inspiration for Happy Feet Designs was found in his love for art & the history of black culture, that Happy Feet loves to study in his spare time.

         Photos by GC Studios

“I’ve always been a lover of art, as well as the black culture I experience around me everyday, especially being at a historically black university. So, with the thought of wanting to do more art, I wanted to also provide something for people, that would also just keep a bit of money in my pocket from time to time. I honestly didn’t expect business to get as big as it’s getting, nor did I really want it to. I try to balance & prioritize being a full time student, being in extracurricular activities & organizations, as well as manage to make time to paint different orders for people. I figured the Greek art business is like the hair business, as long as it keeps on growing, it’ll always be in business. It’s also a way for me to keep pursuing a passion for art. I try to make sure each design is original, & unlike any other. No design is the same, & that I put a lot of time & thought into how each customer would like their letters customized. It’s no better feeling than to hear that people really like my work, & can recognize it when they see it.”

Photos by GC Studios

Photos by Quincy Wheaton

Check out Happy Feet Jone at:

Personal IG: @HappyFeetJones
Art page: @happyfeetdesigns

Snapchat: HappyFeetJones

The Great Storyteller


Meet Kiffany Dugger, Author, Speaker,and Lifestyle ChangerHer. A beautiful soul from Detroit by way of Mississippi; A woman of God dedicated to helping women change the way they see themselves.

“I am passionate about helping people sift through their emotional trashcan and throw out those things that clutter our lives, keeping us from seeing ourselves as God sees us; fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Viewed as a role model Ms. Dugger strives to keep Authenticity at the root of all she does, believing the best way to be is nothing more than yourself living with no limits. Living with no limits is something we all can do! This consist of believing beauty comes from within and removing CAN’T from your vocabulary. Kiffany Dugger firmly stands on the word of God making her faith unyielding and her vision clear as ever. With 2 outstanding books under her belt, 1 ready for pre-order, uplifting devotionals, and so much more. Ms. Dugger is on her way to helping women changer the way they see themselves. Some may call her a game changer or even The Great Storyteller.  I call her MENTOR and a KINDRED SPIRIT, But SUPERWOMAN will do!

Kiffany Dugger- The Great Storyteller