Warrior by Honestly Frank

Drag me through the blood of someone I once loved.

I recollect that I been through this war before.
I battled my way from hell to heaven, and back to hell again.
There was never time to make a mends.
I never really cared to if I have to be open.
I am strong they say, but I continue to look for a savior.
The only savior that I should be waiting on is me.
You will never see me break, because even when I’m down I am standing up straight.
I am a warrior, and I will fight until the battle is won. I take one last look in the mirror before I go to war, and tell myself that I am the one I am fighting for. No need for an army to stand with me, because this battle is intended for an army of one. I am a warrior with my back against brick walls I will conquer the cruel world. I will conquer my setbacks. Here I go standing to be my own warrior. –HonestlyFrank

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