Art Of Detachment

Take A Deep Breath In Through The Nose.

Let It All Go. 

      In today’s’ climate we are all plugged in; including myself. We can’t help but tune into the latest scandal at the White House. The injustice that seems to be hitting us from every aspect. Not to mention we love our daily dose of Tea. When do we every have time to decompress? Many of us use our daily dose of Tea as a way to decompress because let’s face it, “Our lives aren’t filled with this much drama so we have watch it somewhere…… Right?” Wrong. Now listen it is totally fine to indulge. However, we haven’t mastered the concept of balance just yet. In most cases our tea only adds to the excessive doses of negativity we invite into our home. Sometimes we need to unplug and find a way to detach from the world around us.

Detach: to separate from something else or from others especially for a purpose.

To separate especially from a larger mass and usually without violence or damage.

Detachment: the state of being objective or aloof.  Lack of interest in worldly concerns.

Freedom from the favoring of one side over another.

Why is it so important to Detach?!

          Some of us may assume that being detached means being careless, withdrawn, and emotionless. Well, that would mean being extremely cold and in some cases out of touch. The Art of Detachment is about self-care; being able reconnect with self and what we truly care about in regard to values, morals, and interest. We are also able to have the luxury of viewing things from a birds eye view.  Detachment is about taking a step back to gain clarity above all things. With some much of our information controlled by media we do not have the time nor space to gather information and understanding for ourselves. It oftentimes feels as though negativity is thrown at us a mile a minute; as well as constant reminders of how people in society should be living with zero signs of letting up. Because of this we often times feel overwhelmed and drained. Because of this we seek coping mechanisms or outlets.

      As a people it is important for us to detach from negative people, thoughts, and tangible things. Within the spiritual and/or conscience community we often hear people say, ” Let go of everything that no longer serves you.” Well what does that even mean?! Letting go of what no longer serves you means to let go of things that do not make you a better person in the long run. It also means letting go of what may be holding you back from advancing along in your spiritual journey. Letting go is a very hard thing to do. However, the hardest part is always getting started. The idea of letting go is oftentimes hard for us to fathom because when we are emotional invested into anything we tend to cling.  Even if that thing doesn’t align with our beliefs and values we will hold on to it because it is something that has been with us for so long. It is simply because the things we hold on to make us feel comfortable; it is something we have grown used to. However, holding on often times does more harm than good. Letting go is in many cases the best thing we can do to preserve our mental and spiritual state above all.

What Is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Down?

What Cause Harm or Dis-Ease Within Your Life?

What Are You Constantly Consuming?

     Many of us do not know what it means to unplug. Unplugging is essentially detaching  from everything. Media, Phones, TV, People outside of your loved ones. Often times when we hear the word unplug  we think that we have to completely go off the grid. Well sometimes we can’t do that unless we are on a vacation. Perhaps, turn off your phone for a day or 2 over the weekend. Delete your social media apps, go without TV for while, visit a park, or drive to the beach.  Maybe you simply spend a day inside and begin a self-care routine. Detaching begins and looks differently for everyone. However, within today’s’ society social media or our phone rules. And because of that one of the first steps is to ditch the phone and reconnect; getting back to self as well as nature. Ultimately this is because we have to be mindful of what we put into our bodies in every way. It is good to ask yourself every once in a while, ” What am I consuming?” The Art of Detachment is about acknowledging that we may be in this world however we are not of this world. In unplugging from the world this allows us a chance to reconnect with who we are and what truly matters to you. Oftentimes we are told or directed in how to feel and view things. When we are able to detach we begin to make judgments of our own. Just because we are told how we should feel and view things does not mean we have to subscribe to it. Not everything that is fed to us we have to eat. As we gain a little perspective, over time we may come to the realization that certain things truly don’t affect us anymore. We may also begin to notice how a large sum of things do not hold any value within our lives and simply do not matter. This is okay; we are not meant to be engulfed in worldly matters that are not of serves to our highest good or the highest good of others. Today it is easy for us to get distracted however there no situation that is new under the sun. However, we have a habit of blurring the lines of what is beneficial and what is self sabotage. We have the capacity to be aware of everything that is taking place without giving our energy away.

      The Art of Detachment also teaches us a lesson that many of us are uncomfortable with. All too often we become obsessed with the vision we have in regards to how our life should be; it has to be on our terms on our time. We as people like to have a hand in every aspect of our lives. Because of this it seems that fear of the unknown is almost second nature to us. However, we shy away from this conversation because no one wants to be labeled a “Control Freak”. And those that do consider themselves a control freak tend to glorify the name without acknowledging the high anxiety and anger associated with the habit. When wanting to have a hand in every aspect of our life we run the risk of being too attached. To What?!! We tend to be attached to the expectations we set for our self. We “hold the vision” without leaving room for growth perhaps even mistakes. Mistakes and failure are both opportunities for growth. Detachment teaches us that no one is perfect and it isn’t our fault. While we do have control; there are somethings that just aren’t in our power because we are apart of something bigger than ourselves. Detachment allows us to be okay with letting go. Being “too” attached and worried is saying we do not trust the Universe The Most High. Leave room for magic.

Have you ever read the 4 Agreements? The 4 Agreements are agreements we make with ourselves each day. The 4 Agreements are:

  1. Always Do Your Best
  2. Be Impeccable With Your Words
  3. Take Nothing Personally
  4. Don’t Make Assumptions

     The 4 Agreements teach us the basics of the Art of Detachment. These 4 agreements act as a mindfulness kit; our coat of armor. When all 4 are put into practice we are able to defuse a situation and calm our anxiety before it come up to surface level. This is because we are protected within on a spiritual and mental level. Each agreement acts as mindfulness check for the soul. Giving us the power to detach from situations, habits, and more that may not matter to us in years to come. Unplugging is also a great tool to have whenever we feel we are losing touch with self. It is something that can be viewed as spring cleaning for the soul. However, it should be done more than once a year because it is a healing process. And each time may be and look different. The beauty is each time we unplug the more we learn about ourselves.

     The Art of Detachment brings about balance that overflows into our personal lives in a positive way. We gain a sense of duality  within our daily life by being able to decipher how to distribute time between what we need and what we want. By doing so we are less likely to experience burnout, anxiety, or irritability because we are satisfied. This feeling shows up in the way we approach situations and how carry ourselves. Find balance within the Art of Detachment is the true essence of being unbothered in a society that is designed to hit our emotional triggers.


Peace and Blessing,

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