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It’s 11:11 make a wish!!!!!!!!

    That’s something that will never get old to me and I am sure I’m not alone in the matter. 11:11 across the globe is a phenomenon. But, what is so special about the number?  If you’ve read my post Life By Chance I go into detail about synchronicity, numerology, and what makes the number 11 so magical. The number 11 is identified as the ultimate number of significance when it comes to synchronicity.

“When seeing the number 11 it is a sign to wake up to the world around you;  tuning in to you intuition is the key to aligning your synchronicity within you life to your reality. 11:11 is merely a wake up call as the other Master Numbers have a series of messages as well once you take the signs the universe offers you.”

  When it comes to having a significant other the number 11 may mean much more than expected. When the number 11 appears continuously the world within you and around you is changing. A time of growth is taking place and people are flowing into your life at the right times. During this time we may feel like we have met our soulmate; while this may be true what does it mean? We’ve heard the term soulmate countless times yet we never really knew exactly what the word meant. It just seems to fit. When 11:11 synchronicity meets you everywhere you go this may be an indicator that something deeper is about to manifest in your life. A connection meant to last the test of times; a Twin Flame connection.

When we hear the term soulmate we automatically assume it is limited to the position of a significant other. However this is not the case; a soulmate can be anywhere from our parents to a love interest. The concept of a soulmate is someone who is within the same tribe as use; sharing the same vibes and helping us reach our higher calling. They help you grow on a spiritual level balancing the karma within our life time. Your soulmate is who you converse with on a deeper level, influencing you to reach goals, and guide you through situations. Soulmates share a deep love for one another and have spiritual ties that may or may not last a lifetime. In many relationships you may feel it is based on superficial principles lacking a solid foundation; with soulmates that will not be the case soulmates serve a deeper purpose. We have many soulmates within our lifetime because each person is meant to teach us a lesson or two. Not every soulmate is going to be perfect bringing nothing but harmony. Some may be very difficult challenging us on one level or another. But the beauty of each relationship is it helps you grow; breaking boundaries and bringing good karma. It was once believed that each soul was born within a group; this group is a make up of your soulmates carrying a similar frequency. Each of you are cut from the same cloth.

A twin flame connection is something that is rarely talked about. This is because not many people have ran across the term; quit frankly people rarely experience this type of love. Another term for twin flame is twin soul; each soul is split in half and ascended down to encounter life experiences before coming back to one another. No, your twin flame does not make you whole. You were already made complete. Life experiences that bring you closer to God are to remind of that by awakening something in you. It is your job to balance your emotions, thoughts, and align with the heavens before reuniting with your twin. Your twin flame once reconnected helps make your journey complete; creating a relationship made divinely for you. Other relationship before meeting your twin flame would be considered practice. Whether it be a soulmate or random encounters throughout life; these were created to prepare you on a mental and spiritual level for your reunion. Your twin flame is a clear and distinct reflection of you. With that being said, that is the reason why many reunions are so rare and/or likely not to last. When you see your reflection you see your beauty as well as your flaws. Much baggage is brought to the surface testing your growth. This type of connection is on a soul level not just physical or sexual; often times we mistake a mere soulmate as our twin flame because we are highly attracted to them physically. Upon meeting your twin soul the chances of the relationship lasting depends on how much of your past you have let go of. * Rose I don’t understand what you’re saying* Your twin flame makes you come face to face with all the things you have not yet dealt with. You will see yourself in them as though you are looking in a mirror. The strong connection you experience between one another has to do with being so much alike. But, this can also do great damage when one is not ready to look in the mirror

“To get an idea of how intense the relationship would be, think about all the baggage that you have to deal with in your own mind and in the container of your own body. Well, imagine having two of those containers- it’s like there is double or even quadruple the “baggage” to sort through.”   -Forever Conscious


This is why it is important to balance your thoughts and emotions. This all comes down to self love; you can not love anyone else until you love yourself. When you meet your twin flame it is for a higher purpose. You must be ready to continue life together collecting knowledge and sharing wisdom. Knowing that everyone is placed here for a purpose; your twin flame helps you fulfill that purpose by complimenting and pushing you. You will find that when you meet your twin soul a huge burst of energy enters your life making you more creative as ever open to new possibilities. You two are kindred spirits; knowing each other very well because you know yourself. Experiencing growth on a spiritual level together you two keep each other on the right track.

Although meeting your twin flame has the potential to be all rainbows and sunshine; like any relationship there will be trials. As I explained earlier things come to surface that one may have not yet settled. This may cause one to run from love because they are not ready for the intensity of this type of love. Twin Souls are the poster children * or in this case poster relationship* for unconditional love. But, don’t be discouraged if you have a runner on your hands your twin flame is worth fighting for. Allow them the space and time needed to do away with any baggage before returning. Emotional scares must be healed to allow your relationship to flourish the way it’s suppose to. When one runs from love it is hardly ever the other persons fault. It is mostly fear based; fear opens the portal  that allows doubt, anger, and other sub emotions to creep in. A person may run from love for multiple reasons. Many people tend to get overwhelmed by the affection that is shown by their partner. When this happens they don’t quit know how to respond; causing them to reject it out of fear of messing things up. This may steam from not being raised in a loving environment as a child or having a relationship in the past that took a tole on them. Other factors of fearing love can be distrust; leaving a relationship in a loveless state. Also when someone has not been truly loved before the feeling can be suffocating. Self love is the only way to heal a person with the fear of love.Fear will cause a strain on your relationship by allowing you to create situations that do not exist or making things bigger  than what they are.Realizing that you have never been truly loved is a gateway to accepting love and being open to every form.

” The answer to this problem, as well as the solution lie with the inner child. However, aweareness is the first step. Without awareness, all the actions described above remain unconscious, causing further damage to the relationship and the self. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Equally important is the fact that what we do to ourselves, we do to others. Awareness opens the door that leads to the root of the problem, allowing anyone to be a witness to their own actions, ask for help and even discuss it with their partners. If one cannot afford professional help, either conventional or holistic, one must find the tools to begin the process of healing.The second step is acceptance. From then on, we are open to discover new dimensions and insights that lie dormant within. “ – Manel Blanco

Although your twin flame may be running because of pain they haven’t come to grips with or because they are afraid; running from your twin flame may cause more pain than what you initially entered the relationship with. Understand that the runner will return once they realize the state they are in upon leaving. Often times the runner will experience the karma of running from their twin flame. The runner often runs into the arms of someone who isn’t like their twin flame. Realizing they deserve the love they were once running from your twin soul will reunite with you. Many times we do not realize what we have until it’s gone. Bad karma has a way of waking people up once and for all; once you have experienced real love in it’s purest form nothing will amount to that. Allowing you twin flame to spread their wings one last time will give them space to return home. Love conquers all even fear.

There is strength in taking it day by day with your twin flame. You get the opportunity to learn and grow with one another. This allows you to see the beauty in living in the moment; creating a future based on the special memories shared daily. You gain zero benefits stressing the future; instead you miss the beauty standing before you. Building a solid foundation with someone is the key to a lasting relationship. My past relationships prepared me for my twin flame by showing me my strengths and weaknesses. Having the time alone to truly evaluate myself helped me heal emotional scars I had allowed to be reopened time and time again. I realized hurt people hurt people; a cycle that gets repeated until one takes the initiative to change. Before my twin flame was revealed to me I took the time to heal mentally and spiritually ; opening myself completely allowing things to come and go freely. Love can come at any moment and change your world in a blink of an eye. Your relationship with your self dictates your relationship with others. Finding a mirror image of yourself is refreshing giving  you a whole new meaning to being free. And that’s what love is…….free. It’s unconditional and cost nothing. Freeing myself allowed me to be free to love fearlessly and wholeheartedly. I’m still learning day by day and it’s a beautiful journey. Healing is a continual process; once you’ve been reunited with your twin soul you’ll never have to heal alone. Iron sharpens iron; you pour into one another and continually grow. A twin flame connection is one that will never burn out a new spark ignites each day.

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Peace and Blessing,
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– Rose