Have You Seen Em?!


A twin flame connection is a feeling like no other. When you meet your twin flame you will feel it; especially if you are conscious and aware of elements around you. This is not a sexual feeling or emotional; it is a sense of euphoria as if you have known them forever. Almost like you have met them before. Many of us get soulmate and twin flames confused but the differences are very distinct. The differences may even help you recognize if you have already met your twin flame; if not it may open your eyes for when that time comes. One of the key indicators of meeting a twin flame is the natural desire to nurture and care for them. There is a deep love and respect for one another; the spirit of growth and support is high. Verses a soul mate relationship that has the potential to be personally traumatic; soulmates aren’t always harmonious they can be very detrimental to ones spirit.

Soulmate relationships can be defined or fueled by great sex; when you met your twin soul sex is merely a huge plus. You both have a strong sense of purpose; when twin flames come together it is to bring a spiritual gift into the universe. Twin Flames  feel they were brought together for a higher purpose and many of their gifts and traits will complement each other. Soulmate relationships are meant for you to experience a sense of personal growth through life lessons; which is why we attract soul mates at different stages of our life. Often times soulmates experience a period of separation. This maybe because one doesn’t want to deal with the karma their soulmate brings through lessons or there purpose has be served. Soulmates have no promise of entering back into your life once there has been a separation.This is because once your soul mate has taught you a lesson and you have learned what there is to be learned the two of you are free to go your separate ways. Having many soulmates gives room for them to enter in at times in our lives where a lesson is to be learned making some soul mates seasonal. When your twin flame enters your life it is at the most random or opportune times; often symbolic. Twin Souls once brought together cannot be torn apart. Twin Flames are highly aware they are here for a higher purpose and understand the importance of honoring and carrying out their union.They have a heightened intuition allowing the two to communicate with one another in any and every way. You can feel each other even when you’re apart and often times will experience synchronicity. From calling when the other is thinking about you, being sick, or simply not in the highest of spirits as the same time. One may even feel when something just isn’t right. Often times a hug from your twin flame gives you all the energy and motivation you need to get through the day.


Peace and Blessing,
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– Rose