Life By Chance

A moment of silence for the 187 on our 187th black man slain by the hands of a cop this year……….Over the years OUR people have been victims of a never ending systematic genocide; playing into the hands our oppressors without realizing it because we need them. OR so we think. Little do we know every little thing we do and think affects the world around us in one way or another. Nothing we do is designed just for self; ever wonder why people say if you want change be the change? Once we wake up to the world around us, move in a way that benefits us mentally ,and spiritually the world around us will change never to look the same again. Once we begin to walk the divine path God intended for us; we will  receive little signs that will be appreciated along the way. They will remind  you to smile and keep pushing. This teaches you to remain awake, alert, and in deep pray/meditation.

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve noticed a vigorous pattern of synchronicity within my every day life. Constantly seeing a series of numbers more than once, things happening just in the nick of time, and even a chain of events that align with life experiences and goals.  Some may say this is merely a coincidence. However, nothing in life is a coincidence; WE are not placed on this earth by coincidence. All things serve a purpose, whether we are aware of it or not depends on our perspective.

When I speak of synchronicity, I am not talking about being in sync with another person; although that is a small piece of the puzzle. I speak of being in sync with the world around us. Acknowledging all things happen for a reason I began to be more aware of the things that happen in my daily life. Whether it’s what is being said, how things happen,acknowledging pieces of nature for what it is, or things not going as planned. I found things work out for the betterment of my spiritual growth.

Many may not know the true definition of Synchronicity assuming there is no true significance. Synchronicity can be defined as:

The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Carl Jung, a psychologist who worked with Freud took a chance and explored other realms of understanding the conscious mind. Although some if his work is not emphasized in the psychology community he contributed many concepts and theories; Synchronicity being one.

Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. – Carl Jung

Another perspective of synchronicity would be Seriality  or as Paul Kammerer calls it: Law of Series.

he belief that such series happen more often than they should by “pure chance”. This belief is usually associated with another, that there exists some unexplained physical force or statistical rule behind this “law”. 

Although Kammerer believed these events happened by pure chance or recognition of seriality as a form of meaningful coincidence. Jung believed the reoccurring events are an act of something bigger than self pulling alike forces together in time and space. Although they have different perspectives the message is clear this is something special.

Synchronicity has a beautiful way of letting you know everything you need to know in one quick glance. Sometimes we have to do away with the teachings and understands we grew up learning to see the bigger picture. Cause and effect teaches us that there is justifiable reason for every action. With synchronicity this teaching still holds some truth to it…..KARMA ( I will leave that there). Synchronicity has the dynamics to teach you a lesson about the past, present, and/or future.  Looking at this matter on the surface; you may experience synchronicity just by running into an old friend or thinking about someone and they call the next minute. I’m sure we have heard the rich old saying ” You’re going to live a long time; I was just talking about you”. Yes Love Bugs, that is synchronicity. Let’s pill off a layer shall we? Maybe you were thinking about someone; perhaps talking about a person, later on you run across a photo of them somewhere, and eventually you bump into them…..Synchronicity. You can take these scenarios and flip them into anything you would like to jog your memory of situations you labeled as a coincidence; lift the veil and admire the synchronicity.

Not all synchronicity is that simple. Sometimes it may be a series of events or perhaps a situation applying pressure to our life for us to learn a lesson and open our eyes to the world around us. Just recently, sychronicty hit me like a world wind when I experienced a never ending series of events. This normally happens when it comes to synchronicity. I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine where we found ourselves on opposing sides of the spectrum and hours later an event took place that proved the point I was trying to make. Days later we’re together and witnessed a situation that counteracted the point I made; only for hours to pass where another event took place in Houston. The situation was very  similar to the event that helped prove my initial point. The last event hit close to home as it was in my hometown bringing everything full circle. The situation holds significance because I was able to get the bigger picture.I learned that day to pay attention to the world around me on a deeper level. I understood we can do more harm to ourselves and community than another person of a different race, ethnicity, and occupation ever could. Pulling together and hold one another accountable is key to transforming OUR country; however we must start with transforming our people and communities. A single strand of events can teach you more about yourself and life once connected by a higher purpose, only if you take the time to pay attention. Beforehand, it may be easy to place full blame on everyone else but, a person(s) can on do as much and hold as much power as you allow them to. In life we all learn to take the good and the bad. Yet we possess the power to make a dynamic and positive change for ourselves; one must always take the proper steps to take action.  And the art of synchronicity will always gives you signs to solidify  if you are on the right path.

Synchronicity is almost like wearing 3-D glasses; you begin to see the world for what it is. Your senses are heightened and you have a clear eye view of what is important in life; this allows you to see the endless possibilities of what life could be. Even though we can not save nor change the entire world; you can change your world and be the light that entices change in the people around you. We can always allow people to try our perspective on for size in hopes that their eyes will open up as well. Synchronicity isn’t always about a chain of events linking together. It may be placing you in the right place at the right time. Sometimes we are placed in situations to be a beacon of light for some. Often times it can come in the form of clarity or closure we have been seeking after. Just think back to a time where you unexpectedly got a chance to go somewhere, a series of events to place that were beneficial to you in some way, and you were happy attended feeling refreshed. It is all about timing; synchronicity is the reward we get for practicing patience and trusting the work of God through the universe. Speaking of timing; we may see synchronicity with in numbers, nature, maybe even words. The number 11 is always seen as the ultimate number of significance when it comes to synchronicity. In my opinion any number seen more than once is a sign of blessings. When the number 11 is always seen when we look at the time we often make a wish on 11:11. This number is considered a master number along with 22 and 33; they hold high significance when we speak of numerology. For each number holds a powerful significance and lesson when observed. 11 is tied to heightened intuition as well as increased spirituality. When seeing the number 11 it is a sign to wake up to the world around you;  tuning in to you intuition is the key to aligning your synchronicity within you life to your reality. 11:11 is merely a wake up call as the other Master Numbers have a series of messages as well once you take the signs the universe offers you.

Infinite Synchronicity

The best way to become open to synchronicity is to evaluate where you are today, how you got there, asset you goals in life, and let go of things that do you serve you. You may have to let go of your way of thinking, bad habits, people,etc.  This allows you to bet come open to what God has planned for you so the universe can shift in a way that transforms you to take on the path set out for you. I stumbled across a process called NOW+, PURE GOAL, LET GO, and CHOOSE JOY. That affirmed my way of thinking as I take this journey:

  1. NOW+: Focus your attention on the Now and then enter a state of open-heartedness and compassion—a state that I call NOW+.
  2. PURE GOAL: While in NOW+, embody your goal—both in content and feeling. Truly be in the goal state—without harboring any doubt.
  3. LET GO: Once you leave NOW+ and resume life as usual, let go and trust that your goal will come to pass. Continue to release all doubt.
  4. CHOOSE JOY: As you go through your day, stay in contact with NOW+ as much as possible—especially when you need to make a choice. This enhanced state of awareness will enable you to use your deeper emotions as a guide. A calm feeling of happiness or joy will indicate that you are on the right track. A contracted state of unhappiness provides a sign that you are veering off course. Choose joy and you will head in the right direction toward your goal

Synchronicity is not a coincidence nor is it magic. This is Gods way of sending us the signs we often pray for. We have the power to shape our reality and manifest our thoughts; synchronicity is just that. Our thoughts being manifested into reality. Lifting the veil from our eyes and putting on those 3-D glasses allows us to tap into the beauty of the world around us; becoming cognizant of the daily bulls**t we once use to consume and imitate.  Karma consist of good and bad; causality receiving from the universe what you put into it. Synchronicity acts as a wake up call or a wink from the universe to continue to trust in God. The choice is in our hands; separate yourself to be set apart.



Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose