Heart Chakra

How is your heart feeling today? Have you every taken the time to tap into what your heart is feeling? We use terms such as, “My heart is heavy.” or “My heart aches for…..” But is that truly what you feel? When speaking about emotions and where we are feeling and expressing those emotions from; our Sacral Chakra and our Heart Chakra is where we are pulling that energy from. The Heart Chakra is called the Anahata Chakra, which translates to unhurt or unstruck. The Anahata Chakra is also associated with being infinite and boundless; as the Heart Chakra is chakra of empathy, sincerity, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Many of us consider the Heart Chakra the chakra of love in terms of relationships. However, the Heart Chakra deals with self in correlation to others.

If you cannot love yourself unconditionally how can you love someone?

The Heart Chakra is known for its association with the color green and being located in the chest area. Air rules the Heart Chakra; just as air is boundless and infinite so is the Heart Chakra. Within Yoga and other Vedic practices Air is known as Pranayama. Pranayama is Sanskrit for Life Force. Air or Pranayama is an essential component for keep energy continuously flowing. And as you can imagine is key to keeping our Chakras from getting blocked. The strength that lies within the element of Air is Wisdom and Expansion. Because of this it is only right to think of our Chakra as seat of wisdom or where the soul resides. It is also important that we note that element of integration within the Heart Chakra. Because Air is fluid the heart chakra is about being flexible and/or adaptable. Air also corresponds with all of the Chakras acting as a vital energy source; in this same manner the Heart Chakra acts as a bridge between all chakras. Our Heart Chakra is also associated with the Circulatory System and Thymus Gland. The thymus gland is located between the heart and lungs; playing a vital role in protecting the body from deadly infections. When we speak of the Heart Chakra above we mention that Anahata means unhurt or unstuck. This translation from Sanskrit to English is the perfect representation of how the Heart Chakra functions within our lives on a physical level.

When The Heart Chakra is Blocked

The Heart Chakra governs one’s senses of trust, fearlessness, peace, generosity, gratitude, and connectedness, as well as change and transformation, healthy boundaries, depth in relationships with others, emotional control, and love for oneself. When your Heart Chakra is blocked you may notice you are unforgiving and untrusting. As well as have a hard time setting clear boundaries. However, it is important to keep in mind that when your Heart Chakra is blocked this can also mean it is overactive. An overactive Heart Chakra may look like be too trusting or overly expressive.

Other Signs Of Blockages

Unable to make meaningful connections

Lack of emotional stability/control

Fear based decision making process

Hyper sensitive/emotional

Too forgiving

Physical Signs

Lowered immune system

Poor circulation

Heart or lung problems

Breathing difficulties

High/Low blood pressure

Heart Chakra Balanced

A balanced Heart Chakra consist of being compassionate of self and others. When our Heart Chakra is balanced we have a better understanding and grip on our emotions. We are able to make better decisions for the betterment of self and not based purely on emotions. When working on balancing the Heart Chakra allowing ones self to breath in natural fresh air is important. Being outside in nature is a key element of activating and balancing the Chakra System. Also adding heart opening yoga poses to your practice such as: Camel, Back Bends, Bridge/Wheel. Add heart opening affirmations and meditations to your daily routine is always beneficial to your daily routine. Most importantly practice letting go at the end of each day. The Heart Chakra represents our ability to love and be loved. Because of this it is important to be mindful of how treat ourselves; our relationship with our self is a reflection of our relationship with other people.

Balancing The Heart Chakra

Wearing Green

Start and End each day with gratitude

Heart opening Yoga Poses

Warm tea( Rose, Hibiscus, Jasmin, Hyssop)

Burning or Diffusing incense and oils (Frankincense, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang)

Practicing self forgiveness and grace

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