Sacred Pleasure: The Sacral Chakra

What Is Your Pleasure Center?

Are you familiar with your pleasure center? Our Sacral Chakra is all about expression emotionally, sexually, and creatively. But before we go deeper into the wisdom of the Sacral Chakra let’s give ourselves some surface level knowledge. The Sacral Chakra is also known as Svadhisthana which is Sanskrit for the Dwelling Space of Self and is represented by the color Orange. Our Sacral Chakra is located below our naval/above our pelvic bone and governs our reproductive organs. The Sacral and Root Chakra are intended to balance one another as they influence each other in a intimate dance of security and enjoyment. The two chakras influence the same emotions such as fear, security, depression, and, anxiety. The sacral chakra is all about “I Feel”. Tapping into our emotional connection to our experiences. It is in the Sacral Chakra we learn how we enjoy the things in life governed by our Root Chakra such as financial stability, home security, family and friends support, etc. The Sacral Chakra is always noted as the Sex chakra however, there is more to the sacral chakra than sex. Pleasure it more than intimacy and intimacy is not always sexual in nature. The Sacral Chakra is about creativity, adventure, and emotional connection. Reproduction is only one of many ways creativity can manifest. Here we learn to balance the rational and work nature of the Root Chakra with the relaxed fluid nature of the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra reminds us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and connect with the aspects of life we are passionate about. In short, let go of control and enjoy life.

Everyday Life and The Sacral Chakra

Often times we associate our feelings with our Heart Chakra. While this is not wrong; as we must remember the Chakras are a system that work together. When one is off balance our whole energetic body is off balance. However, the Sacral Chakra is all about how we express what we are feeling. Creative energy shows up daily whether it is how we perform at work, how we express our love for family and friends, or the passion we put behind our beliefs and goals. The Sacral Chakra ask us, “Where and What are we putting our energy in?” As previously stated above, The Sacral Chakra challenges enjoy everything our Root Chakra works so hard to manifest as well as maintain. While it is important to remain organized and live a significantly structured life; it is also important to enjoy the fruits of our labor in ways that enable us to feel recharged, grounded, and empowered. The Sacral Chakra reminds us The Sacral Chakra governs our Reproductive System and its’ functions. Remember everything is connected, the mind (brain), body, and spirit are continually doing an intimate dance. If there is mental block, illness, or stressor it will show up in the physically body and effect our spiritual foundation.


When our Chakra System is out of align there signs that will be displayed in our temperament and physical body. When our Chakra System has blockages signs can range from depression to colon problems. When discussing our Sacral Chakra signs of blockages revolve around relationship problems and the inability to express ones thoughts and feelings.

Physical Signs
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Kidney Dysfunction
  • Urinary Problems
  • Hip, Lower Back, and Pelvic Pain or Stiffness
  • Low Libido or Pain during sex
Emotional Signs
  • Inability to connect with or articulate emotions
  • Toxic relationships
  • Lack of creativity or drive
  • Does to view self as a sexual person
  • Depression or emotional instability
  • Addictions (not exclusively drug related)


When Sacral Chakra is in alignment we carry a strong sense of drive and enjoyment surrounding the life we created. A balanced Sacral Chakra means a healthy Work Life Balance, Creativity, High Confidence, and Nurturing. Ways one can balance their Sacral Chakra is by engaging in movement such as dancing or yoga which in turn helps us open open our hips. Also eating nourishing orang foods such as butternut squash, carrots, and mangos helps to balance your Sacral Chakra. Because the Sacral Chakra is all about tapping into your emotions journaling is a great way to express our emotions. It is important to note our Chakras needs tending to daily to ensure balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually

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