The City of Jewels: The Solar Plexus

Did you know there’s a city of jewels that dwell within you? The Manipura. The Celiac Plexus. When diving into Chakras it is important to remember each represents one of the 4 elements. And with that in mind it is essential to learn, master, work with them daily. In this case the Solar Plexus is the embodiment of Fire. The Solar Plexus is also known as the city of jewels because this is were your gut intuition resides. Fire is symbolic of passion and vitality, because of if this we are always challenged to nurture our gut instinct when going after our desires. The Solar Plexus governs our digestive system this consist of our stomach, small & large intestines, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, and liver. It is also important to note that our Solar Plexus Chakra governs the adrenal glands this produces adrenalin as well as cortisol also known as “The Stress Hormone’.

Who are you/ authentic self

The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to masculine energy due to the fact that this is our power center. Here we focus on our wants and how we should go about making things happen. This is the balance of practicality and instincts. When operating from a space of awareness the two will be in alignment with little to no resistance. The Solar Plexus is considered our ego/confidence. And when we nurture our Solar Plexus the ego is always fed no matter what. How? By taking the initiative to do our purpose work, doing things that bring us joy, and that we can shine in. Here we can see the Sacral and Solar Plexus connection. The Sacral Chakra is our personal identity and how our identity correlates to others, we talk more about this in Sacred Pleasure: The Sacral Chakra. The Solar Plexus being our ego can only be fed when we are living our truth and being our authentic self. The two feed one another; when we tap into the creative energy of the Sacral Chakra we are creating a path to our purpose work. When we are doing what we enjoy(Sacral) we are passionate(Solar Plexus) about what we are doing and the ego (Solar Plexus) is naturally feed. This allows us to continual show up as we are (Sacral) confidently( Solar Plexus).

Do Your Accomplishments Make You or Do You Make Accomplishments?

This question hold an immense amount when we discuss the Solar Plexus. Since the Solar Plexus is our ego this also effects accomplishments; how we execute and view them. Personal Will Power is the intent of the Solar Plexus the ego is to be feed by taking initiative in what we do. Naturally when outcomes do not match our expectations the ego is hurt. However, the question stands, “Do our accomplishments make us or do we make our accomplishments?” Simply put, what will we allow to define us? While the Solar Plexus is our ego and will power these things do not define us. The goal with Chakras is to learn balance and self accountability. With that in mind accomplishments are more than the initial outcome. When we are tackling a project the journey us bigger than the final product. Will power is discipline and persistence. It is the decision to show up full and commit the thing(s) we have set out to do no matter how big or small. Some allow the accomplishments to make them who they are and when met with disappoint they are easily scathed. While others define their accomplishments by acknowledging the lessons, blessings, and growth gained along the way.


Our Solar Plexus connected to our celiac plexus and may often times be referred to as such as well. The celiac plexus is a significant part of our nervous system and is located above our abdomen, behind our pancreas, next to our biggest blood vessel the aorta. When our Solar Plexus is blocked we may experience physical pain or discomfort in the celiac plexus or due to an actual blockage in the are. On the other hand one my struggle with an increased amount of stress and anxiety.






Abdominal Pain

Chest Pain



Low Self Esteem


Dominating Personality


Lack Of Purpose

Lack of Authenticity

Feelings of Mistrust


When our Solar Plexus is balanced we are sure of ourselves, our role, and our purpose. When the Solar Plexus in balanced we are able to make meaningful bonds without losing ourselves in the identity of others or our relationships. A healthy Solar Plexus teaches us how to be assertive without being demanding or domineering. An aligned Solar Plexus helps us find our comfortability in power without abusing the position or feeling unworthy. Way we can balance our Solar Plexus Chakra is by:

Envision our and writing our future goals and/or plans

Practicing Yoga Poses Such as: Plank, Warrior, Bow, and Boat

Breathing Techniques: Breath of Fire

Writing and Saying Affirmations

Wearing Yellow

Getting More Time in the Sun

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