Give Love

When giving advice have you ever caught yourself speaking out of pure regret?

I have always wondered why do we give advice based on what we wouldn’t or couldn’t do. It’s almost as though we unknowingly make others follow our same mistakes.

Have you almost let someone talk you out of following your dream? Knowing that you have a gift that could not only change your life but potential others as well; you share it with someone and they instantly throw negativity into the equation leaving you questioning an alternative route?

I had that happen to me and I almost let them talk me off of my path. In free flowing, I mention listening to over, under, and innerstand to take something beneficial away; applying it to your situation. When listening to the advice given to me one thing stood out to me, ” I regret letting someone talk me out off……..”. I couldn’t quite understand why anyone would want to do to the next person what was done to them.

Whether we are seeking advice or giving advice we can not compare our life to the next persons. When it comes to advice the goal should be to remain neutral because we can only respond based off of two things; personal experience and the perspective we have on the situation. The conclusion is based off of our own personal judgment. Advice can act as a double edge sword if we do not choose our  words wisely and be active listeners.When speaking to others giving love and not judgment is key. Allow your personal experience to be a guide of lessons learned throughout your journey; rather than list of don’ts. An opportunity to give advice is an opportunity to speak to our younger self. When speaking it is important to not only speak to the other persons soul but to ours as well. We should always ask ourselves, ” What would I tell myself” or ” What do I wish someone would’ve told me”. Wisdom is knowing that everyone has a different path but the obstacles do not change. Regretting an obstacle from our past that got the best of you gives it the power to manifest in another persons life. Obstacles aren’t limited to hardships or stress; they can come in the form of distractions.Whether the distraction is a bad habit or a person living with those regrets can keep one stuck in neutral. Creating this comfort zone for yourself in return. Fear of the unknown dwells within this comfort zone along with the question ” What if”.

What if I would’ve?

What if it’s too late?

What if I fail? 

These are the question that are often asked when filled with regret. Very seldom do we ask ourselves ” What if I try and succeed?”. Those that do often do succeed and raise the bar; the few that fail can say they tried. In trying you gain experience and wisdom you can pass down to others; taking something away as a learning experience to apply to another situation. Upon giving advice based off of regret that energy is poured into the next person; leaving them with second thoughts.Life as we know it is a continues cycle allowing events to reoccur until a lesson it learned. Nothing in nature is living for the sole benefit of itself. It is our duty to help one another through life anyway we see fit. Life is full of lessons when the universe teaches you something share that lesson with others.

One thing I have learned is to observe the positive and the negative aspects of my experience. This helps me come up with a conclusion that is conducive in any situation. This allows me to give advice that has the capability to be timeless without being bias. I also realized giving advice is a reflection of a persons soul; their way of thinking is shown in terms of what they got out a particular situation. When giving advice we have to be careful what we project onto the next person so that we will not force our way of thinking onto them. Words can get lost in time and translation we must be sure to speak from a light heart, peace of mind, and anchored soul. Advice is meant to be a beacon of light in someone dark tunnel. The words we choose can either make their vision foggy or more clear. Live in light and be light.

Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose 

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