Free Flowing

Do you have plans that you just can’t seem to put into fruition?  Maybe you are about to make a life changing decision and you’re just not quite sure yet? Or you feel stuck in a situation that don’t know how to get out of?

These are all things that put us in the head space to seek advice. When something unexpected takes place in our lives often times without thinking we seek the counsel of others (It never fails) . But, do we ever take the allotted time we need to weigh our options and look at our situation with a fresh pair of eyes? Often times seeking advice does more hurt than help depending on the circumstances. Every situation doesn’t require a council  to discuss your next step; we shouldn’t tell our every move or let it be known every time we going through a tough time. It makes room for distractions leaving our mind more cluttered than before. We often forget everyone has their own individual journey; we can only go off what we see and what is told to us. By comparing ourselves make the mistake of putting ourselves in a box.

 When it comes to advice the goal should be to remain neutral because we can only respond based off of two things; personal experience and the perspective we have on the situation. The conclusion is based off of our own personal judgment. Really try to take what the person is saying at base value, ask questions, and try to dig deep within for answers . This way you find yourself free flowing through a great conversation and you are getting to know your friend and yourself.Often times when people seek advice it is because they don’t know how to think outside the box they are currently in. Deep down inside we all know what is best for us; it is just the means of: How do we tackle that without letting the fear of the unknown consume me?

When we place ourselves in a box this blurs our vision and cripples us in the long run.We get so caught up in the comparing stage and begin resenting the advice we sought after. *Why* because things don’t seem to be looking the way  we envisioned. When we are receiving advice it is always best that we listen to over and innerstand ; not to respond. It’s always a great idea to take away little nuggets of wisdom that will help you along the way. And the best part is you decide what those nuggets are so it is important to listen and choose wisely what will stick with you. Often times we miss great points because we want to negate what is being said. We have the tendency of not taking the advice we needed to hear because we feel they don’t understand us; or spend to much time trying to plead the case of why we can’t verses finding reasons why we can. But, where is this way of thinking coming from? Who have you sought advice from in the past that you are stuck in a box you think you can’t bust out of? Seeking advice should be evaluated on the bases of what we are going through, what we need to hear (not want), and who has gone through this successfully. The best part of life is being able to flow freely.

Who says you have to fit yourself into a box? Who says you have to follow someones advice word for word or even at all? You are not obligated to fit yourself into a box, to explain yourself, to tell your every move, to remain in the position you are currently in, to be the same person you were yesterday, or last year. When we evaluate our situation (and decide maybe we do need some guidance) we should go to someone who can tell us what we need to hear to keep souring to new heights. We must continue to grow and seek the truths to our light so that we can be a light. Growth is knowing that any person we encounter can be a teacher; however following our own path and knowing how to pick jewels of wisdom is also a major key.

Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose