Why Meditation?!

When we take a look at social media, the magazines, and our TV’s we see that Zen is in. Everyone is talking about yoga and meditation as if it were a new fashion trend. To some it is just another fad while to others it is a way of life. Nonetheless, people are looking for alternative ways to fight off the stress of day to day life and more; and meditation is in fact one of them. But why? More importantly why is mediation in? I started meditating as an extension of my yoga practice. I chose meditation as a way to calm my anxiety and anger. I realized how much smoother my days went by in college as I deepened my practice. I was able to set intentions for the day and in that I become more focused. I noticed I was more involved in my school work and how my grades improved along the way. Aside from retaining information better inside the classroom and outside; I am more in tune with my emotions. I noticed how I responded to situations as well as why my emotions change throughout the day. Creating that mindfulness assisted with being less reactive; forcing me to express how I felt and why. In that I was able to learn how to pick and choose my battles. In meditation I realized I am able to take ownership of my mind, body, and soul. Yoga and meditation is what I thank for my knee healing as rapidly as it did also. Yoga and meditation has become the cure for any ailments that I may have that doesn’t require medical attention. Why is that?
Meditation by definition is vague do to the fact that there are many different approaches to meditation leaving room for many interpretations. However, meditation is holding space for yourself. As we hold space for ourselves we begin to create more space by clearing space. Meditation is simply focusing on our breath. As we focus on our breathe we allow our thoughts to come and go with each breathe. In doing this we create awareness of the mind without interacting with our thoughts directly. Connecting the mind with the breath allows us to connect with our bodies as well as bring everything in sync on a soul level. In this awareness meditation becomes a lifestyle due us becoming more mindful of our actions and reactions. When talking about meditation many assume to meditate you have to be seated only. Meditation can be in movement as well; yoga is meditation synced with movement. There are yoga practices that challenge us to place a movement with each breathe we take. Meditation can also be dancing. When we sent an intention to use these practices as meditation it is done.
*Well how do you I begin meditation?*
I am glad you asked. You begin mediating by creating space for yourself. What does that mean? It means carving out time for yourself; which is the hardest part. Once we have carved out time for ourselves we can meditate anyway we want. You can meditate lying down, in cobblers pose (sitting Indian Style), in the shower, or even in a chair. There is no right or wrong way to meditate; as long the focus is on breathe. Many may choose to use crystals, incense, and/or essential oils to add on to their meditation practice as well. When meditating it is all about what resonates with you. In finding what resonates with you, you being to experience the many benefits of meditating. Let’s look at some benefits of meditation:
Physical Benefits would consist of: Great Sleep, Boost Endorphins, Increase in energy, help PMS, help infertility, and Reduces Hypertension
Mental Benefits would consist of: Boost in learning ability, quiets the mind chatter, improve memory, beats bipolar disorder, and beats addiction.
Emotional Benefits would consist of: Control of anger, cure anxiety, clarity, beat depression, helps PTSD, cure phobias, and productivity
Spiritual Benefits would consist of: Inner stillness/silence, awaken intuition, higher consciousness, discover life purpose, present focus, and balance chakras.
Choosing mediation is choosing to give yourself a new life. Connecting the mind and body to breathe is a metaphysical way of pressing reset. There are many scientific as well as metaphysical benefits that come from the practice of meditation. I say this because once we begin meditating we not only become aware of the mind but our inner and outer body as well. We start to notice that our bodies tell us when it needs a break from certain things or a little TLC. In that we learn how to tend to every part of our being. These are the many reasons why mediation is a lifestyle.
If you would like to research more about the amazing benefits of meditation visit Live and Dare as well as Eco Institute.

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