Rock My Soul By Bell Hooks


Overall, though, there is a mental health crisis in African American life. This crisis is most deeply felt around the issue of self esteem.

Rock My Soul is a must read for women and men of color. The context of this book is that of the times we currently live in today. Bell Hooks forces us to visit our past and analyse our present state. Rock My Soul gives a new way to look at self esteem that involves owning who we are and what we believe. Read Bell Hooks plants tiny seeds within us to help us grow such as:

Stay true to self.

Heal from the past.

Let go of false beliefs 



Mental health is one of many issue in the African American Community that is highly ignored or overemphasized depending on the subject matter. Bell Hooks openly talks about this topic 15 years ago in The Essence Bestseller: Rock My Soul; in a time when the subject was very sensitive yet just as relevant as it is today. The author creates a parallel between mental health and self esteem forcing us to take a look not alone within but back in time as well. Shedding light on the reality many of us ignore. Whether we come come from wealth or the slums,  have several degrees or none, and a good pay job or unemployed; our self esteem as well as mental health is at risk. Bell Hooks forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror. Not only as an individual but as a community. She breaks down each political movement and institutional structure explaining how it continues damage our psyche from past and present generations. The author also shares how we play a role in the shattering of our mental health and how we can heal ourselves collectively. It is almost as though the author is challenging us to recall the things that uplifted up physically, mental, and spiritually. And to throw away the things we are clinging to. She does this by calling our attention to some key factors we may have been over looking in chapters such as; Refusing to be the victim, Spiritual Redemption, Living with integrity, and Inner Wounds just to name a few.

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