Free Yourself

How I Let Go? 

Truth is I am still letting go. This is a 24/7 – 365 process that comes with many lessons to learn. For starters I separated myself to allow me the time to evaluate what no longer served me. I became okay with being alone with my thoughts in pure silence. Meditating daily allowed the most high to talk to me clearly. I expressed my emotions freely through writing and verbally to cleanse myself of what I was holding on to. I let those things be once expressed and become grateful for the small victories. I  started asking myself, What is bothering me? What am I holding on to?  and Why? Can I change them? and How? I gave attention to  my strengths as well as  my weaknesses. Giving myself the time to master my strengths and  show care to my weaknesses. In this I began to face my fears; pushing myself to face challenges that I would normally over react to or avoid all together. I allowed myself to cry, to be free, and to do the unthinkable. In doing all of these things I was freeing myself.    

Holding on causes more pain than the act letting go it self. We are allowing ourselves to relive those past encounters without realizing it.The more you hold on to things the more pain your are allowing to creep in; allowing that negative energy to stick with us. In doing this we give other people our power and energy.  In return we lose our peace of mind as well as our health. All energy is connected to our bodily functions; hence why people say you will worry yourself to death. This is a true statement that is taken very lightly. Holding grudges will take a toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually if we are not  mindful. As we hold grudges we begin to live out those emotions attracting what we believe. The minute we make the conscious decision to hold on to the past in anyway is the minute we lose ourselves. We slowly lose touch with who we truly are as we give our energy to something other than ourselves. In return we slowly become the very thing we despise.

Life is about taking the good with the bad.  At times things may seem as though they won’t let up yet something good always comes in the end. If we do not learn to let go we will find ourselves hold on to a lifetime supply of baggage as well as ailments that may effect us for the rest of our lives. When looking at the causes of not letting go of things at the base is fear. Considering that we only have 2 emotions at the core ” Love” and Fear”; all other emotions steam from one or the other. Fear of getting hurt again will effect our daily interactions crippling us as we begin to usefear as a crutch. We create situations of “what if” as the excuse for why we can’t do things. This is unconsciously allowing fear to control our lives. When holding on to anger we may experience lack of sleep as well as anxiety.  When we lose sleep our judgement can become clouded; the act of holding on to things makes that triple in effect. Limiting what we can and can not do, where we can and can not go, and perhaps creating phobias we never had. Our grudges begin to dictate our present and future. This may begin to take a toll on ones social life if we are not careful. We may being to treat others differently based on what someone else has done. We may hold something another person has done over everybody’s head. Allowing that negative energy to be transferred to others around you.  Other effects of holding on may be depression that is linked to loneliness and we run the risk of resenting others. The outcome is we hurt ourselves and possibly others as we try and protect ourselves.

Aside from the emotional damage we cause ourselves, there are physical ailments that can sneak up on us. When we are not in tune with our bodies we are unaware of how our bodies respond to stress. Our emotions have the potential of making us sick or keeping us healthy. If we find that we are often times upset or stressed we may find ourselves in the hospital for a major illness.  No matter the action or reaction it is a form of stress on the body causing it to break down. Each body part is connected to an emotions and/or stress sensor; when exhausted your body will send you a sign in the form of pain or ailment. Our immune system may break down as well when we are overwhelmed. Being cognizant of the way we react to negativity and what we focus our energy on may relieve some of the pain and subside any common colds or ailments we may have.

Here are some common ailments, pains and diseases and connections to be mindful of;

  • Elevated blood pressure
    • accumulation of emotional problems
    • stress
  • Stroke
    • not being allowed to deal with own emotions
  • Migranes
    • Fear or Stress
  • Back Pains
    • Lower Back
      • Inability to see a way out.
      • Strong feelings of guilt and self-hatred.
      • Difficulties in communicating.
    • Sacrum
      • Stubbornly holding on to old anger. Feelings of powerlessness and loss of power.
    • Tail Bone
      • Blaming oneself, holding on to that which no longer serves the self, being out of balance with oneself, “sitting on old pain.”

Honesty Hour:

Giving meditation a try guided me to the answers I may have been ignoring as well as those couldn’t find. No one else can help you find the solution to the problem but YOU. However, someone can guide you through the situations as a helping and healing hand. The truth hurts and no one likes inflicting pain on themselves; but I had to be honest with myself as I let things go. Everyone hates letting go of things that they are emotional attachmented to even if it causes pain. There was a period of my life where I was ANGRY and my body suffered do to my emotional reactions. I had to realize I was forcing myself to live in the past. In doing this I found myself back tracking to old habits and relationships that caused me emotional and internal damage * heart pains and chest discoloration*;  I even found my immune system weakening. Life is what we make it; I realizing lessons come around often to insure we have learned our lesson. Often times we need to test our growth spiritually and mentally because our reactions shape what the future holds for us. Being real with yourself involves showing yourself compassion above all because everyone makes mistakes. Yet, we must hold ourselves accountable allowing ourselves to make the necessary changes to grow. When we accept change we are able to experience all that life has to offer. This involved detaching myself from somethings to make space for what was to come. I had to set boundaries for myself to remember to put ME first. Having that alone time to recharge and think clearly; evaluating things I have done and the goals I have accomplished . In doing this I am able to merge the past, present, and future. Learning from my past insures I do not make the same mistakes. Keeping relationships with people who are growing and evolving yet setting boundaries for myself to keep myself grounded at all times and maintaining my focus. Staying in the present moment and appreciating all that takes place. Watching for the lessons that can be learned, being cognizant of signs that I have grown, and remembering to do all things in love. I try to be mindful of where I go to ensure it is an environment with the right vibes. If we view all things in a negative light; that will show in our daily activities and functions. I am in no way saying life will be all rainbows. But, we can all create our own rainbows and sunshine.


Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose