Rose’s Story by Wanda “Rose’ Bibb

The Review:

Rose’s Story serves as a informational guide in the form of an autobiography. Taking us on an emotional ride through her life growing up in the system; Rose’s Story is a book that every social worker, teacher, and health care worker should read. Many may say this book is not relatable. I would argue that this is not the books intent. Rather the intent is to peel your eyes back and receive the truth about many of our government assistance programs as well as the facts about mental health.

Rose has been a victim of the system since she was a child. Suffering from mental and physical ailments she finds herself being funneled through the system all the way into her adulthood.  Only to later realize her father and stepmother are the source the madness that has been surrounding her life; including the reason she has been suffering from her ailments. From a missing mother to sealed documents Rose’s Story becomes a real eye opener.

Rose’s Story presents important questions:

With all of her hospital visits why did it take 38 years to find out her episodes were caused by a heart condition?

Her response “The all thought I was nuts because they thought I went to Chatwood.” 

Should a physical examination be given after 6 month of receiving welfare benefits  ?

Why didn’t anyone check to see if she qualified for help from an outside source?

Why did her father put her in a Mental Institution as a child with adults?


Rose’s Story shows how mental illnesses leave too much room for social workers and doctors to make error. Many people with a mental illness receive little to no  medical assistance and attention from the government; leaving them to be a medical experiment then later sent away or cast aside. We find that much of the medication given to patients causes serious physical and cognitive strain. Rose is the poster child that reveals not only mental illnesses and childhood altercations are tied to medical conditions that go untreated but also the medication given. All of these things which go unnoticed bring on stress and in many cases that is the trigger to medical and psych episodes.

Once Rose was heard she began to heal. Key people she mentioned in the book listened to her after 40+ years later helping her to piece together the puzzle of her life.

Peace and Blessing,

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– Rose