Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

The Review:

Invisible Man is a MUST READ! Ralph Ellison rips your mask off and places mirrors all around you. You have no choice but to look yourself in the mirror as you read this amazing piece of literature. You will find yourself asking questions such as:

Am I invisible?

Have I lost my identity within society?

Am I giving my all to something or people who do not appreciate me?

Do I know who am I?

Am I making  difference or wondering?

Invisible Man challenges our minds, hearts, and soul to remain true to ourselves. It helps us realize we do not need to be a part of any and everything to have a voice and make a difference. To also look deeper into things as we move forward to be conscious in each more that we make because there are people who have alternative motives.


  Ralph Ellison centers this story in the late 20’s or perhaps the early 30’s; a nonetheless important and historical time period. He creates a character that is narrating his journey from the South up to the cold streets of Harlem. The narrator remains nameless throughout the duration of the book; even as he receives a new name in Harlem that too remains hidden as he takes on a new role along his journey. A southern college boy who moves to the streets of Harlem under the orders of his college president. This happens only after finding himself in unexplainable chain of events. However, he proves to be very intelligent from a young age. Gifted with the power of speech; he can express himself effortlessly verbally and through writing. Having written a speech  as a young boy it granted him the opportunity to speak at a boxing match. Although this speaking engagement in front of many prestigious and wealthy white men landed him a scholarship to college, he also became drunken entertainment himself.

    The rise and fall of the black man some may call it. Perhaps even the rise and fall of the black community. When proven to be special everyone has a plan for you. An idea of how you should act and execute things. The narrator was often thrown into situations that forced him to conform to others expectations, beliefs, lifestyles, and even stereotypes. All following the illusions of success or being wanted. It is aware he is needed but under strict stipulations and control. In each setting he lost a piece of who he was before understanding himself and his purpose in society. The narrator slowly became blind to the truth do to others complacency, greed, and ideology.He was invisible due to compromising his sense of self morphing into what others saw him as. Wondering through life with no true identity. Serving no help to himself ,his community, and /or the people. He began to question his beliefs and who to trust  by the end of the book becoming lost and isolated. Finding himself in a hole figuratively, literally, and spiritually.

Remain true to you!

Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose 


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