Enigma Project Brand


Have you ever met someone in High School that you knew for sure was unique in every way? I’m sure we all have that one friend or at least know of someone. For me this was Rico Edwards; a skateboarder with dance moves that would make you think you could get out there and cut a rug * or trip over one*. This Louisiana native always had a soul of the arts. Upon conversing with him you knew instantly he wasn’t one for games. He always had his head high and eyes on the prize ready to push himself and take his talents to new heights . So, there is no wonder he would be come a young entrepreneur blending his talents, loves, and creativity. A true leader and trend setter. Thank you for being authentic and giving your gift onto the universe.

“I started hand painting shirts in high school at the end of my freshman year, from shirts I moved onto other products like shoes and hats. Throughout high school I designed and painted my own shirts along with other products, other people liked it to the point that people are asking for custom designs painted on to there shirts as well. In my senior year of high school I was selected to design the class of 2010 graduating shirt, at that point I knew I wanted to continue to pursue design work or something dealing with clothing; I just didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to take.”

“In my second year of college I gave my logo and designs a name, I always drew a little monkey in all of my work since 2006 and to this day I stick with the same monkey design. Thus my brand was born, Enigma Project ™.”

“I didn’t start painting on canvas until 2013 when I took a class at University of Houston, I found it fascinating and relaxing. Now it is 2016 and 99% of my work is focused on racism, history, political, religion, etc etc. I would consider my work and myself revolutionary, ya know? My revolution was awaken by the cries and struggle of my people.”


Website : www.enigmaprojectbrand.com

Instagram : @ArtistRicoEdwards


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