Growing Pains

This summer has been such a doozy. It seems like everyone has been having a tough time. And with so much going on in the world lately; how do you encourage someone when you’re going through a rough patch yourself ( With no signs of letting up)? The pressures of life can often be so overwhelming that we feel as though there is no way out. It’s almost as if everywhere we’ve turned a door is being shut and none of our plans are following through. I like to call these situations Growing Pains. I’d like to ask this question. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, ” What if my plans aren’t what the universe has in store for me?” Often times we get so caught up in what we planned on doing that we miss out on golden opportunities. Pain can also act as an indicator that we are not living our lives to our full potential and purpose. We often have to let go of somethings in order to grow; whether it may be old habits or our way of thinking. That is up to us to discover. The art of silence allows us the space for clarity to see things through.

Gaining clarity and peace is a self seeking and rewarding gift that keeps on giving. The art of silence can be broken down into 3 simple steps; Seclude, Listen, and Create.

Seclusion: allows you time to tame your thoughts and unmask yourself. You get to cleanse yourself of toxic thoughts, people, and energy that is consuming you. (Going on a fast or detox may be a good idea if you have found yourself indulging in reckless eating habits.) Being secluded puts you in the place you need to be to align with the heavens. Talking to The Creator and setting intentions over your life allows you to speak into the universe.

Listening: allows you to learn life lessons. This grants you the ability to overstand the position you are in now and what must be done to press forward. You begin to innerstand; learning more about you is the name of the game. God made us in his image. Finding what it is that sets you apart will give you the spark you need to see things through. Once you have set aside time for yourself you can sit back and watch the seeds you have sown blossom.

Creating: allows you to set your plans in motion. Create the life you deserve; if you have envisioned yourself in a place turn that into a reality. Set small goals for yourself to obtain weekly and monthly. Pace yourself for what The Most High is about to bestow upon you. This gives you time to transform into who you truly are and become a beacon of light. Envision it, Speak it, Write it, Create it.

We have heard the rich old saying Beauty is Pain. However, have we taken the time to see the beauty in pain? Pain allows you to realize your true strength. Many times we express how much we can’t take but the universe has a way of testing our full capabilities from day to day. In doing this you find yourself; you experience a season of growth in the mist of chaos.  Beauty is pain may apply to the harsh realities we encounter as we come into our Higher Self. Often times things are revealed to us as we grow. We begin to see people and situations for who or what they really are as our frequency rise. We all have an intuition; if the vibe is not right we trust that instinct and know something is wrong. As you grow you your light will shine brighter and you will spark the light inside of others. Growth is contagious.

Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose