Rushing to Death!!!!

For as long as I can remember I have always hated being rushed, something about it just truly makes me uneasy. When I do things at a steady pace it seems to turn out just right and I even get to learn something in the process. June has been such a stressful, busy month, and it seems like everyone is in such a rush. It’s almost as if everything is falling apart and no one seems to be themselves these days. Of course, when things aren’t going as planned it’s easy to go into instant panic mode. Although, I’m not one to say things are falling apart; things are merely falling into place in my perspective. Even if we can’t see it now because of our current situations, we just have to practicing the art of patience.

I am slowly learning to practice the art of patience and the fact of the matter is I had ZERO!!!!! Being raised as an only child you naturally gain the Burger King complex of having it your way at all times. But, everyone should know by now that is unhealthy and often times very unnecessary. Normally when people are in a rush it is because they have an ideal  plan which needs to get done ASAP. The only problem is there is no room for suggestions, alterations, or adjustments. Nothing or no one can get in the way of your plan, well that’s perfect however, you can get in the way of YOU. When we get in a rush we can often be on a fast track to our own self destruction without even realizing it. We can be our own blinders; setting an unreasonable pace for ourselves. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: WHAT’S THE RUSH (insert your name here)? No? Maybe it’s because we spend so much time consulting with our counsel of friends. Or we could merely be listening to their issues and ways of thinking, trying them on, and often times taking them on as our own. The interesting thing is we are all different; I started realizing one persons way of thing may not work for me. Everyone’s path is different and that is what makes each journey unique; we can always learn from one another but it is up to us to pick and choose what we take away from each lesson.

Some of us have the tendency to compare our lives to someone else; creating the game of Keeping Up With The Jones’. This does nothing but create negative vibes within ourselves and an excessive amounts of pressure. This is why it isn’t always a great idea to consult with our counsel of friends before consulting with ourselves. When we take time out for ourselves we obtain a clearer vision of what we need to do verses what we want to do. Many of us are ALWAYS in a rush; a rush to get somewhere, get a job, a house, a significant other, and a rush to get out of a situation to jump head first into another. Rushing is the key ingredient to chaos. It leads to a sea of unplanned accidents or situations with no silver lining of a way out. We make poorly thought out decisions based off of an unreasonable pace we feel we must obtain; which clouds our vision and way of thinking. As I took a step back, I realized moving in a hast is a result of baggage we carry with us. Often times we are running from things we aren’t ready to face or simply just do not want to deal with. Let’s ask ourselves this: HOW CAN WE GROW IF WE DON’T CONFRONT THOSE DEMONS? OK, maybe you aren’t running from anything……What are you holding on to? Often times we have a tendency to hold on to people because we want to help them, we’re afraid of loosing that friendship, or they’re a loyal friend. As we all look at ourselves let’s ask ourselves one last question: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GROW IF YOU DON’T LET GO?

We all know you can’t help anyone until we help ourselves. Bringing someone else along for a journey we aren’t ready for mentally, physically, or spiritually would not only be doing them a disservice; but most importantly ourselves. Everyone isn’t meant to be a part of your journey in life; often times they are meant to teach you a lesson and move on. Some may serve the purpose of bringing complete chaos, to lift the veil from over your eyes, and reveal to you the type of people you don’t need in your life. And others are just leches; (What are you talking about Rose?) You ever notice whenever you are doing well, seems like everything is back in line, and then that one person pops up with more issues than you can carry……on top of what you are dealing with. They’re an amazing asset to your life friend wise but they always seem to suck you dry in some way; just one big sweet as sweet potato pie lech. It’s almost as though they always need something and it ends up inconveniencing you in a major way. You want to help them but it’s almost as though they aren’t ready to take the proper steps to help themselves. Time and time again life shows you there is no way you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Often times the people we hold on too have the power to weigh us down because we give them that much power. Taking a step back to get ourselves in line gives room and clarity to evaluate how we should properly deal with the company we keep. Time and situations reveal who our real friends are as well and if they serve a significant purpose in your life . ( This in no way means start charging your friends up or just start cutting people of left and right) It means take time to replay major situations in your life whether good or bad and evaluate the roles played by each person in your life during those times. If you measure the loyalty of friendship by the amount of time spent verses the quality, stability, and peace somethings may need to be evaluated within yourself. Sometimes we spend to much time with who may be more toxic than we realize; we don’t always have someone around or talk to someone daily. Everyone needs an escape; an outlet away from people every now and then to reevaluate the ups and down,the comings and goings that life may bring.

Sometimes it takes letting go of things to make room for patience to allow your life to become full circle. I like to believe patience is a sign of becoming complete so you can enjoy this journey of life. Patience is truly a virtue ; it allows you to see the beauty in things we once ignored or seen as waste of time. Some may not agree with me (looking back at the old me I wouldn’t have agreed). But there is true beauty in the art of patience. You allow yourself time…….. everyone deserves time even YOU. Patience gives us time to properly plan what it is exactly we need to do, what we want out of life, goals (reasonable ones), and we can evaluate our current situations. We even get to weigh our options, consult with ourselves, and God. Laying everything out on the table observing where we were and where we are; mapping out where we are going. One thing I try to keep in mind is leaving room for God. Although, We like to have things all figured out God has a way of slightly moving things around. Always leave room for God to push through. The universe has a way of working things out for the betterment of your Spiritual growth and journey; never ignore or put off the master plan you’ll miss the big picture. Seeing things for what they really are is what you gain when you practice patience.

All of this is easier said than done; it takes deep soul searching and cleansing. We have to do away with things we are accustomed to, to allow true growth. Many of us are afraid of change when we should be afraid of being stuck in neutral. Without patience we will all be in a constant rush into a break wall getting nowhere fast. Never deprive anyone of their time, allow them the time to grow, allow yourself time to learn, and allow others the time to breath. Without this many of us will push people away because we are too heavy ; constantly rushing is a burden. Pack light, be light, and live in light. Worrying and rushing go hand in hand; take the time break down what you are worrying about and you will find the answer to your problems. You can get in the way of YOU; when you take the proper time to yourself God reveals all things with……..perfect timing. Patience is Key.

CC: Ig @Spiritualtwin11

Peace and Blessing,
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– Rose