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“Fool me one time shame on you, fool me twice can’t put the blame on you, fool me three times fuck the peace sign load the choppa let in rain on you”

The famous quote from  the rapper J Cole in his hit single No Role Models is what caught my attention of the amazing Artist John Gibson. His art is truly from the heart and speaks volumes; to me his work could be labeled as timeless with the capability to move the masses. Uplifting, inspiring, fearless, and indescribable are just a few ways to explain Mr. Gibson artistic view.

An true ARTIST
John (1)
Photo by Kelon Moore   ( )
“As an artist I can’t exactly pinpoint any one experience, thing, or person that inspired me to do what I do. That’s like separating a part from the whole. I pull as much inspiration from looking to the clouds as I would get from a visit to the museum, or a black owned comic like Brotherman for that matter. But I am reminded of a scholarship essay I wrote in high school. I think the question was “what is your goal in life?” I wasn’t a great writer nor did I get the scholarship, but the gist of my answer was INFLUENCE. Positive influence through my art. I’ve refined that recently to creating positive, relatable images and stories for people of the Afrikan diaspora. Art that pulls back the veil of lies and presents the truth or would be truths.”
Neith 2.jpg
Khemetic Weaving Goddess, Neith
Like Tupac said “I’m not going to change the world, but I want to spark the mind of the person that does.”

I was blessed with the talent to create, so it’d be a waste to not use it to it’s full potential. I’ll leave you with this quote”:

“Positive and Lucrative opportunities consistently manifest themselves to me and through me for the benefit of myself and the benefit of others.”- Zo Williams
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IG: Jgibson142_art
Tumblr: Jgibson142_art
Facebook: John Gibson V