What’s Your Shade?

Have you ever just looked at your skin complexion with utter disgust? or Imagined yourself a shade lighter? If so, you’re not alone, many women have struggled with the constant tug of war embracing their melanin. From slavery to freedom, society has done a pretty good job at maintaining the negative stereotypes on African American women. The darker the shade the worse the stereotype. Whether you turn on a television show or open a magazine you notice the women with lighter skin complexions are favored more. Or maybe you have come across a beautiful caramel complexed woman or lighter, who is bi or multi-racial, and doesn’t embrace her “darker” side. Tear down the African American woman has been the name of the game for centuries.

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With the ability to alter our beauty at our fingertips, many women look to cosmetics to get the look they desire. African American women turn to contouring and highlighting for a defined or lighter look; while white women on the other hand depend on bronzer for the natural golden tan look. As other races embrace our darker complexions trying them on daily; we seem to be disowning every shade we have. Why is that? Does your complexion define who you are? Have we been programmed to devalue ourselves with every shade? We should embrace the skin we are in for it is more valuable than we will ever imagine.
Throughout this particular blog you may find I will be asking questions more than usual? That is because I want you to consider the beauty we truly possess.
Take a look at your skin, examine it; the pigmentation, scars, notice everything you possibly can. Especially if you have a tan. Did you know that we can stay in the sun for several hours with no problem with proper hydration and skin care? How? You may ask. Because of our Melanin.
a dark brown or black substance that is a natural part of people’s skin, hair, and eyes
any of various black, dark brown, reddish-brown, or yellow pigments of animal or plant structures (as skin or hair)
For my readers who are more scientifically inclined than others you may be looking for this break down. Melanin is highly carbonated.
No matter how you define or break down the concept of melanin. Often times it is discredited. Melanin is found in every human being and dominate in people with darker skin tones ( i.e… African Americans). A little-known fact; Melanin is needed during the conception of a child. For the egg and sperm is coated with melanin allowing the fetus to grow. In some cases, one may call melanin the giver of life. Without it one may miscarry or a have defective child. Aside from being the beginning of life itself; melanin is a major key throughout the body. For example, the Pineal Gland which controls your sleep cycle consist of melanin. Melanin is also present in your central nervous system as well as your thyroid glands; as you can see this plays an important role in how your brain and nervous system functions. Often times when not cleansed your body is not able to be healed of diseases. And can more prone to contract illnesses easily.

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Let’s take a moment to evaluate the daily functions of our body and what we intake. Is our daily activities attributes to our body or are we doing more harm than good?

Eating clean and managing your water intake are just the start of how to keep your melanin clean. Being cognizant of the music you listen to and getting out in the sun are also ways to maintain a healthy body when it comes to melanin. (Of course some people have begun to look at me crazy) However melanin acts as a transmitter, converting light energy to sound energy. A little-known fact that people may not know is listening to vinyl records are better than another other form of music. Vinyl records are made of carbon as well as the needle that is placed on the record; this activity alone helps heal and charge the melanin in your body. And also cleanses the atmosphere for it is a form of natural healing. This is the purest form of music anyone could offer. The purest form of melanin is black much like the vinyl records you see. Melanin at its purest form absorbs all the energy around it positive or negative and does not release it; which is why music is a good way to center and charger our melanin. This is why many melanin dominate people are more musically inclined in one way or another.

It is most important to be around all things natural. Sunlight and nature places the body in a state of euphoria; allowing the body to fully recharge. ( Well what about skin cancer and sun burn??!!) Our melanin acts as a shield or cover to protect the body from the harmful sun-rays, as it has the ability to absorb the energy it gives off.  The lighter you are (European decent) the less melanin you have causing the skin to be thinner and more vulnerable. As you spend more time in the sun  the body adapts, causing your skin to thicken because the amount of melanin is increasing. This is how suntans occur; as the body adapts it avoids the harmful effects the sun may bring.


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People often forget the value in taking care of themselves inside and out. It is important to put YOU first and start healing from the inside out. WE as a people, are highly energized and latch on to any frequency we come in contact with making it easier to become vulnerable to the world around us. Melanin is very much capable of becoming toxic; changing the way we think, act, and our physical appearance.

Have you ever noticed that one changes as they drink more or ingest things that aren’t as healthy?

Maybe they have begin to embody the music and shows they indulge themselves in?

Let’s take it a step further perhaps their physical appearance has began to shift in many ways from hair to skin. Getting well has taken longer than normal or they get sick easier these days. Notice the attitude change lately?

Your vibes speak for yourself upon entering a room far before you speak. Melanin can be restored by sound, light, color, and sunlight; and responds to any of these things whether good or bad for you hence the change in US. Many of us have become numb to how things effect us and begin to devalue ourselves. Our bodies create melanin as a survival mechanism so that we can live a full life; what we put in ourselves is what we pour out and is what we will receive in return.

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 Many of us fail to realize we were not designed to consume many of the things we intake. For example, dairy is not something our bodies digest with ease. The Earth is made up of the same melanin that we are made of giving us a direct correlation to the earth among many other factors; hence why is so important to cleanse yourself. It is key that we maintain a steady diet to keep ourselves clear of any toxins. Having the proper water regiment clears the skin, helps your a hair and nails grow, and of course keeps you hydrated. Becoming more plant based rejuvenates the organs in your body and charges you melanin as well (considering we have much in common with them). From vegetables to fruit it is important to keep that balance to keep your body energized and fresh. Of course we must stretch and work out so our bodies can remain as strong and fluid as possible. Working out outdoors is great for our body, it’s another way for the body to adapt and recharge. Now I’m not saying become a full on vegetarian but you must keep a balance between everything you eat and be cognizant of the meats you choose because pork is not and will never be our friend and beef should be consumed in regiments. I find that going the organic route for the things I eat is a better choice. It’s fresh and hasn’t been tampered with before making it into the markets. Our bodies are made from the purist, highly stabilized, and richest substance ever found. Anything that can absorb all frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum is worth more than Gold ( literally) and should be handled with care.

Knocking down stereotypes starts with each and everyone of us. And we should embrace the beauty and magic we poses within OUR melanin. Reclaiming the beauty within us is how we break ourselves free from the negativity around us. Swimming in negative is causing us to drown in self hate as we throw hate at one another. We are the conductors of light. Absorbing everything that is meant to harm us is causing our lights to be dimmed and put out. Self hate is the leading tool to kill us because we can’t help others until we help ourselves. We must fearlessly love ourselves with no regrets and no doubts, embrace every shade we posses and take action to restore our mind, body, and soul. Starting from the inside and working our way outward; realizing the value of our melanin allows us to see how valuable we really are. If our skin complexion truly defines who we really are, we MUST redefine ourselves and reclaim our value and realize our TRUE WORTH.

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Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose