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Meet THE RENAISSANCE MAN behind “Happy Feet Designs” a Greek letter design concept made by Happy Feet Jones {real name, Quincy Wheaton}. Happy Feet is from Houston, Texas and is currently a senior studying  Mass Communication at the HBCU Grambling State University. With a concentration in broadcasting, Happy Feet is more than just an artist, but an emcee of different events, a musician, a singer, as well as a dancer (hence the name, Happy Feet). Inspiration for Happy Feet Designs was found in his love for art & the history of black culture, that Happy Feet loves to study in his spare time.

         Photos by GC Studios

“I’ve always been a lover of art, as well as the black culture I experience around me everyday, especially being at a historically black university. So, with the thought of wanting to do more art, I wanted to also provide something for people, that would also just keep a bit of money in my pocket from time to time. I honestly didn’t expect business to get as big as it’s getting, nor did I really want it to. I try to balance & prioritize being a full time student, being in extracurricular activities & organizations, as well as manage to make time to paint different orders for people. I figured the Greek art business is like the hair business, as long as it keeps on growing, it’ll always be in business. It’s also a way for me to keep pursuing a passion for art. I try to make sure each design is original, & unlike any other. No design is the same, & that I put a lot of time & thought into how each customer would like their letters customized. It’s no better feeling than to hear that people really like my work, & can recognize it when they see it.”

Photos by GC Studios

Photos by Quincy Wheaton

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Art page: @happyfeetdesigns

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