Crystal Clear 

For many years crystals and gems have been put to great use for jewelry and decor ranging from clothing to home interior, yet who would think to heal themselves with these precious jewels as well. When you think of crystals or gems what comes to mind? Do you imagine the latest? or Do you imagine them in rare form? For years crystals have been used for a variety of reasons including spiritual. Many stones can be used for Grounding, Teaching, Healing, and Balance; yoga,mediation/prayer, and chiropractic healing are the most common practices you may see crystals being used in.  Many people just call this crystal healing.

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Crystals are known to help keep you rooted at all times with their metaphysical properties from nature itself. Crystal are shaped to look flawless when someone purchases them it is rare to see them in their original form from the earth. *We all know the most precious things are formed under some type of pressure* Crystals are created  from molten rock while underground and cools leaving a variety of crystals; there are many shapes and sizes formed in the process and much more. With crystals coming directly from the earth this means it has been here just as long as You and I. With age comes wisdom and crystals are known to teach you about not only about life but yourself as well. When you program your crystals you are  linking or programming an energy pattern to the crystals. This is done by setting intention, use, colors, sounds, goals, etc; * You must become one with the crystals*. It is important to know exactly what your intentions are when you program your crystals * Kind of like when you mom or grandmother tells you be careful what you pray for* Going into the use of crystals I prayed over them and left myself open to the lessons that would be taught , in a sense that would be me programming my crystals because there is not RIGHT or WRONG way to practice your practices.

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Once you program your crystals you will begin to heal from the inside out. Crystals are connected to the metaphysical and carry components that can heal every aspect of our life. When I took an interest in crystals I started with the chakra stones for Yoga and Meditation. Yoga is all about balance and chakras, looking more into chakras’ I figured crystals would be a great asset. When putting these to practice you gain a sense of discipline because, faith without work is dead. Once you set your intentions you act on them and meditate/pray over all that you do. You gain patience, when doing yoga you are easing into positions and making room within your joints. Mediation you are grounded and focused on you and that present moment clearing your head of cluttered thoughts.  Yoga is a great strengthening and rehabilitation tool and can be infused with chiropractic work.  Their are crystals for each of these uses and more to make room for growth. Crystals are not a substitute for serious ailments however it can assist with the healing process.


Once you sit and become grounded you make room for the life lessons the Universe has to teach you. Through these lessons you begin to heal pealing back layers we may need to exam and mend. Often times we forget everything is connected and stress can be a killer; once we heal ourselves mentally we can fix physical ailments as well. Our bodies do not respond well to stress and breakdown faster when under an excessive amount. Crystals are great for clearing the cluttered mind so we may clearly on the task we have set for ourselves. Crystals are a great asset to see our world clearly and heal; crystals for me are reminders to keep the Laws of the Universe and to keep Gods Word close. I treat them as if they are a part of me because once programmed  you are reconnected to Mother Earth and you enhance your learning experiences in life.

I have crystals I wear daily as well as stones that remain home; incorporating them into yoga and mediation enhances you focus and quiets the mind. When doing mediation once a week I align the crystals on my body for a spiritual cleanse and balance. Daily yoga for me often involves if not all at least one crystal; often times I do yoga in front of my crystals whether outside or inside to remain connected.

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Lets’ Program!!!

Needed to Program Your Crystal:

  1. The Crystal
  2. Clear Intent – Know what you want to program the crystal to do.
  3. Focused Action – This method is one focused action.

Step 1 – Cleanse your crystals, There are a variety of was to do so; Sunlight or Moonlight, Earth or Sand Burial, Salt Water, Crystal Sea Salt, Fresh Water, Reiki/Seichim, Stone Clearing, Flower Water.  I prefer the Sunlight/Moonlight cleanse * depending on the stone the stone may need limited sunlight* as well as the Rain Water cleanse. Whichever method you prefer sit down with your crystal at your personal altar or in a place that you’re not likely to be disturbed while you are programming your crystal.

Step 2 – Hold the crystal in your dominant hand or sit them at your altar and clear your mind of unrelated thoughts. Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Step 3– Focus on your intentions for your crystal by saying descriptive words aloud *if you want to program your crystal to bring peace and stability repeat as as felt needed*

Step 4 – Repeat your intent verbally into your non-dominant hand, then place that hand over your crystal to push the vibrations into the crystal.

Step 5 – Continue holding the crystal and repeating your intention until it feels as though the vibrations have sunk into the crystal fully. If necessary, repeat step four.

* I prayed over my crystals and places my hands on each crystal separately then brought them together in the palm of my hands*

Many people are unaware of were to purchase these beautiful stones; I was blessed enough to run across some amazing souls who are in my eyes Masters of this beautiful practice. Below are some of the crystals that purchased from: EyeNEye Crystals and Jewlery ,  OrangemoonLTDNerissa Irving

Dr. Crystal Jones is an  Inspirational woman who practices intuitive chiropractic healing. She also is a specialist in Kemetic Reki which is the use of crystals. With many specialties under her belt she serves as a healer and inspiration.


Peace and Blessing,
My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me
– Rose


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