CC: Ross Oscar A Knight (Chelsea Loves Yoga)

 After popping my knee out of place a year ago yoga has been my go to for everything. Primarily because it gets you LOOSE; after my accident my left leg was as stiff as a board, the slightest movement sent me into pain. Yoga was my form of rehabilitation to loosen my joints. I chose Yoga because I was able to get my body back into motion naturally. After X-Rays and a doctors visit I realized the only instruction I was given was to rest and remain on Pain Medication. I refused the MRIs’ and immediately started looking into Yoga, my range of motion after popping my knee out of place was cut short. There are many Yoga poses from sitting, standing, and laying down to increase flexibility. Yoga is very beneficial to the body relieving mental and physical stress from the body. Often times we have to train our bodies to trust us again before it can loosen up.  Many people feel being flexible is not important; however flexibility protects you from injures. Your muscles must be able to work through their full range of motion to work effectively. DO YOU YOGA??

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– Rose

J. Chavae