The Great Storyteller


Meet Kiffany Dugger, Author, Speaker,and Lifestyle ChangerHer. A beautiful soul from Detroit by way of Mississippi; A woman of God dedicated to helping women change the way they see themselves.

“I am passionate about helping people sift through their emotional trashcan and throw out those things that clutter our lives, keeping us from seeing ourselves as God sees us; fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Viewed as a role model Ms. Dugger strives to keep Authenticity at the root of all she does, believing the best way to be is nothing more than yourself living with no limits. Living with no limits is something we all can do! This consist of believing beauty comes from within and removing CAN’T from your vocabulary. Kiffany Dugger firmly stands on the word of God making her faith unyielding and her vision clear as ever. With 2 outstanding books under her belt, 1 ready for pre-order, uplifting devotionals, and so much more. Ms. Dugger is on her way to helping women changer the way they see themselves. Some may call her a game changer or even The Great Storyteller.  I call her MENTOR and a KINDRED SPIRIT, But SUPERWOMAN will do!

Kiffany Dugger- The Great Storyteller