Under the Weather Blues!!!

Who knew it would still be winter in MARCH!!!!!! One minute it’s hot the next it’s freezing cold, what’s a girl to do besides duck for cover. Everyone knows it’s fairly easy to catch a cold when the weather is acting funny. When your under the weather all you want to do is be completely left alone to get yourself together. Well what do you do when your school work pilling up and a billion things just seem to be going terribly wrong? Often time I start my day off with Yoga on my front porch and that be my daily dose of sunlight. *Now if I’m feeling it that morning*I’ll do my workouts outside and end with my Yoga on the porch. Your body feels 100% refreshed and you find your energized the remainder of the day. Around the time I got sick I was highly active ripping and running with very lightly time to workout and prepare a something healthy . The time I did have I dedicated to light yoga and prayer/ mediation * which helped me bounce back faster than ever*. I find it interesting that when I was on my workout regiment it took me over a year to catch a cold; and the minuet I fell off I was down hill. It was necessary for me to take advantage of the sun the minute it came back. I went for a power walk encase I had a cough attack and let the sun work it’s magic. Followed by amazing Tea, Yoga, and Great Vibes

Your body needs to have a continuous source of natural sunlight along with everything you consume down to the air you breath; you must spend some amount of time outside. It is easy for us to get caught up in the daily whoos of life but we have to do so and protect the body from common daily cold as well.

Peace and Blessing,

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– Rose