Authenticity: Real or Genuine or True and Accurate; Made to be or look like an original. 

To be authentic is to be original. Always being true to yourself, constantly finding ways to evolve. What does being authentic look like? How does one be authentic when everyone seems to be on the same wave? Being authentic looks like YOU and I. Each of us possess something inside of us that makes us unique. Our authenticity allows us to walk, talk, and think differently. When we tap into what makes each of us different our visions and goals begin to manifest.

If being authentic is a key attribute to have why is there a negative light caste upon it? We often times encounter individuals who choose to express themselves through clothing and hairstyles; others may got to the extremes of different piercings and tattoos. When we see these different ways of expression there is usually a stereotype tagged along with it. Looking at a variety of cultures clothing and hairstyles of many kinds are rooted in rich history. Tribal markings and piercings were seen as art and  came with much significance whether spiritual or tribal. Each practice was respected and embraced across regions; some passed down. Today we are quick to judge a book by its cover placing stereotypes upon one another tearing each other down. We often miss out on quality people when we have negative preconceived notions of others without having an encounter with them. Those are the people to expand one ideas and bring creativity to projects. Not to mention are some of the best business partners. Being authentic brings the visionary out in you;helping cultivate new ideas attracting like minded who help inspire you.

Why judge when you can have duality? If everyone hates being judged why place judgment upon them. You will often find you have more in common with others than you realizes once you get to know . You often see people who are trying to find themselves; looking for outlets to express their authenticity. When you embrace your uniqueness you are pouring into others and making a difference without realizing it. Having the courage to be different gives others the confidence to be themselves. Never let anyone put you in a box, embrace who you are and give a little AUTHENTICITY.

Peace and Blessing,

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– Rose