Ever feel like you have just hit a creative block and nothing gives you motivation??!  Starting on new projects and finalizing others is a dreadful task; causing several mental blocks. Often times changing your perspective gives you space to make things happen. When feeling rushed and under pressure it’s easy to give up or find the easy way to out; negativity has a way of sneaking up on the best of us sucking all the love and life right out everything. When you take a step back you realize everything comes down to energy and your vibe ( vibrations). From your living space to your work space it is always important to keep a balanced environment where you can be positive,productive, and at peace. 1 key element that helps me keep my  space balanced is Sage Smudging. Sage Smudging is a practice that helps cleanse your space of any negative energy that may be surrounding you.

Sage Cleansing

The concept of Sage Cleansing dates back far before modern society today. This practice has been passed from generation to generation in many cultures . Smudging is Spiritual Indigenous Ritual used to cleanse a person, object, or space of negative energy, influences, and/or thoughts. The concept of the practice is very simple; when the smoke from the sage and the negative energy are released together the negativity is sent away with the smoke. Smudging is very effective when you are feeling down or angry; although sage has a very strong scent burning sage can be beneficial for clarity, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It is also known to have healing components in correlation with Auras and Crystals. I burn sage on a weekly basis because I incorporate it in with yoga, pray, and meditation. But smudging can be done as often as you feel it is needed. Also there is no specific way to smudge yourself or a space. Some key things to keep in mind when smudging yourself or a space are:

  • Do not inhale the smoke!!!!
  • Have your intentions clear before you start
  • You will need dried white sage
  • Make sure your area is ventilated ( Negative energy needs a way to be released and sage is strong)

When smudging a space set you intentions and walk around space waving the sage in some (prefer circular other don’t I do both). Be sure to hit every inch of the room I stay my intentions out loud and incorporate prayer ( Keep in mind this is a spiritual practice). This is for a home be sure to sage each room and corner.

When smudging yourself you can cup the smoke in you hands bring the smoke to you as if you are washing your face or waving it around yourself as if holding a wand in a circular motion ( this goes for smudging others as well).

Peace and Blessing,

My thoughts my views, Share with me, vibe with me

– Rose