Bum City

This weekend was a weekend of REJUVENATION. After ripping and running between Houston and Beaumont I couldn’t think about anything other than my bed. Lately I’ve found myself under a lot of pressure and emotional stress. Balancing college and a host of other things, it’s easy to find yourself in over your head before you even notice. Taking a step back is one of the hardest thing to do but it always needed. Learning set aside time for myself is where I began to grow. Whether it is a day or a couple of hours I take time to do something I like to do( yoga, write, read, listen to music…) Over the past two weeks I found myself consumed in great conversation, food,drinks,ideas, and never ending laughs and so much. Not even realizing sometimes you often forget to sit back and enjoy the little things in life suchs as seeing family and friends. But as we all know that does drain your energy; and this weekend was the perfect time to recharge.


Laying in the bed majority of the weekend was exactly what I planned on doing. I watched something new on Netflix (The House of Cards) and found different was to remain inspired (found blog sits, new yoga videos,and read). One thing I always try to do is take something away from each person I come in contact with. Even on social media I try to remain inspired (I am very cautious of  what I follow). I even made it a point write down all of my ideas even the ones I dreamt. Some may say this is odd, but when you write things out you better visualize what you want to do. By the end of the weekend I had a clearer vision of how I want to spend my spring break.

Feeling more REFRESHED than ever I find myself slowly snapping back into my old routin (Can’t quite get my sleep pattern back but I’m almost there). With new workout ideas and yoga videos I’m back in the gym and making my morning tea. Taking time to just appreciate YOU and living in the moment gives you a new perspective, not to mention a clear head space to make room for GROWTH.

Peace and Blessings,

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