If you look up the definition of the word Family you will find, “A group of related people including people who lived in the past.” When you read this what part of the text stuck out to you the most? “Including people who lived in the past.” When you think about the past many families lived in small communities/Tribes/Villages where everyone and everything was interrelated somehow all the way down to nature. Isn’t that beautiful?!!! Living in communities you learn a multitude of things; somethings you are forced to learn whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Other times they are taught to you along the way, things such as values, morals, laws, customs, traditions, etc. All these things build the foundation of what a family is to become over the years to come. Throughout each community you realize each person may have different customs and values making each encounter you have with someone unique. All these differences make up one big family; a melting pot pouring all these things and more into the youth that would later take our place making the community greater as time passes. Most families are full of rich history,stories of OUR ancestors and their struggles, achievements, dreams, and aspirations. One key factor in a family is communication. When living amongst others you must always have the proper form of communication to have an OVERSTANDING of one another as a people. Without communication how would the stories of our people get passed down? One major down fall many of us face is lack of communication within a society that is moving at a very fast pace. Living in such a competitive society that forces us to divide as a means to “succeed”, we must come together to hold one another up and accountable. Civilization is rooted in communication, to socialize you must communicate. Civilization is the considered to be the most advanced stage of SOCIAL development. Yet it seems these days we would rather race one another to the top as we tear one another down. A family is meant to help one another constantly strive to be the best individual each person can be as they pour into their community. Within that there is SECURITY.

Peace and blessings.

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